Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back in the black

I feel like my weeks are pretty jam packed. I feel like I really can't add anything else and most often wonder what I can cut to make things more manageable. But nevertheless my days continually get more busy, extras activities are added and inevitably the things that get cut are the things I would rather not have cut.

Such is life, I know.

Next week is particularly packed because my sister is getting married. Also it is payroll week and I have a few other superfluous things I scheduled that had I been wiser I would not have put them on my calendar next week.

Such is life, I know. I know.

But add to all of that this morning I woke up with a sore throat. Fabulous! The cause of the sore throat--whether allergy or virus or bacteria--is still pending. Could be any.

Yesterday afternoon I spent way more minutes than I wanted in the giant bacteria ridden petri dish known as Chuck E. Cheese. You know the place: where every child seems more like an infectious disease waiting to happen than a cute little human being.

Ugh, I hate that place.

Afterwards, we went over to my friend's house. My friend's house is immaculate and was a wonderful respite after the dirtiness of Chuck E.'s. Unfortunately though they have cats and apparently yesterday was one of those times that I am allergic to cats.

I am technically always allergic to cats. For the most part I make an effort not to touch the little kitties and normally I am good-- free of the itchy eyes, hives, scratchy throat and sneezing. But occasionally just being in a house with a cat is too much and I start the itching eyes and sneezing and sometimes, but luckily not yesterday, the dreaded asthma attack. I have yet to figure out the how and why sometimes I am bothered and other times not at all but at any rate my point is that the kitty exposure could also be the cause of my sore throat.

Allergies? They are so fun!

Such is my life. Sigh.

I know the bitching and moaning is boring. It gets old. But sigh, such is my blog.

Before the sore throat I was already worried about how I was going to fit in all my workouts next week. Problems, problems--I know.

I was thinking a cut back week where I cut both the time of the 2 hour and the 3 hour runs would be most practical. Then the following week could be monster week with a 24/25 miler.I thought a 10 miler, a 16-18 miler and then a recovery run and 1-2 speed workouts seemed doable. And if I could swing it, maybe a swim or bike. Ever the optimist.

But now that I might be sick none of that sounds as easy as it did last week when I planned on being healthy. Guess I better really lower my expectations otherwise I am going have my panties all in a wad by week's end.

Who am I kidding?

I will have panties all balled up no matter what. At this point it is just a matter of how tight the wad is and how big. Really, feel sorry for Ryan. He is my fallout shelter.

This week though I stuck with the running plan (3 week streak!) but got in no swim or bike. The swim was cut because I just got my hair highlighted and I didn't want to mess up the color. What can I say? Sometimes the vanity gets in the way of training. I am not an Olympian --so I can worry about things like my hair.

And the bike I planned on doing Friday but it was drizzling and instead I spent the day in shopping hell trying on a bazillion dresses and not finding a single one that fit right or that I liked.

And, can someone please tell me why they are making ugly clothes right now? Is it a conspiracy against women launched by the gay men who spearhead the fashion houses because they hate women for being able to wear cute dresses? Is that why they aren't making said cute dresses? Is that what is going on? And, by the way, who in the hell said muumuus were cute? Was there a memo I missed somewhere? Is there something wrong with a fitted dress? Psychedelic pillow cases and brightly printed potato sacks are tres chic? When did this happen? Seriously.

In the end I did find somethings here that I liked. This for the luncheon but I wear it without pants. It fits me fine as a dress. But is cute with jeans. And this top for the rehearsal dinner with either my silk fitted black skirt or my pin-striped black pants. Normally I am all about color but the clothes are so ugly right now I am back in black-- and apparently, white too. But the plainness of black and white is too difficult for me. It is bothering me and I feel desperately like I need red shoes or maybe burgundy possibly even yellow. You know, something to shout "LOOK AT ME!!" But honestly I just can't bear the thought of shopping again. Too time consuming. Too disappointing. I must weigh the important issues here: to run or to cute shoe? That is the question. What is a girl to do?

So my week was like this:
Sunday: 6 hard miles. 1 easy mile. Garmin is broke. So all times/pace are estimates.

Monday: 5 easy miles

Tuesday: 14 miles at a 8:40ish pace.

Wednesday: Nothing, bridesmaid dress fiasco. We spent all day finding and buying new dresses. Not easy to find 5 matching dresses for 5 girls. Anne Taylor to the rescue. Super Matron of Honor (Me!) saves the day! Or something like that.

Thursday: 23 miles at a 9:20ish pace. I was just tired. I walked too much. I am not pushing as I should be. I really need Garmin.

Friday: Shopping! Ugh. I use to be such the savvy shopper. I suck now.

Saturday: 10k on the treadmill in 45:10. 20 minutes of upper body lifting. I am sooo weak. And, yeah, I don't care.

Le Totals:
Running: 55 miles
Biking: Nada
Swimming: Nothing


  1. I like all the clothes you chose. you look so good in anything but those yellow shoes are to die for..please get those and I want to borrow them. I LOVE them. What should I wear to the luncheon? I'm set on the meditaton shawl and black pants for the rehearsal dinner but am clueless about the luncheon. (I'm not so good with "lady" clothes) you better not be sick. Lala

  2. cute clothing choices!

    Have you ever taken Airborne or Cold EZ?? My mother and husband SWEAR by them. I'm of the no-medicine-is-best-medicine belief, but they say they prevent most anyting, and if you do happen to get something, shorten it greatly...

  3. Lala, you should go to Black House White Market. They are having 40% off their stuff on sale. Their clothes are pretty simple--being that they are either black or white or cream.
    I do have my faux prada purse that would match the yellow shoes. I'll have to think about it. I don't know what you are talking about borrowing. All those shoes have almost 4" heels.

    And I am sick but I think it is just a little cold/sinus infection. I have to go to the dr for a check up tomorrow anyway so he'll probably give me something.

    Thanks! I have tried the cold ez--I pretty much lived on that stuff while pregnant. I'll look at the airborne stuff. You know it is really the first day of being sick that is so terrible. You go from feeling great to feeling crappy. But once I get use to the crappy feeling being sick is much more managable.

  4. I like the red shoes best. They are very Mary Poppins meets Jessica Rabbit. I mean that as a compliment.

  5. Yellow For Sure!!!


  6. OK, yellow are more "happy" but red are way cool too! You should start taking "Emergen-C". Crazy amounts of vitamin C mixed with water in neat flavors. They really cut down on the duration of colds IMO.

  7. I can empathize with you wanting to find more "time" as I'm close to my mileage limit...not because I can't do more mileage, but just don't have the time. You're doing even MORE than I am with training in three different disciplines, running, swimming and cycling!!

    Why are Mumu's popular now? I believe it's due to the current U.S. obesity epidemic, it's easy for someone who is fat to wear a tent like structure.