Friday, November 09, 2007

Mystery Reader

Just like there is a peak in training there is a peak in the taper and I think I have hit the the height of it for sure. Just riding the crest of taper madness for one more day.

Yesterday I rushed around getting stuff together as we leave later today for our weekend in the mountains: tons of laundry--though still not packed--almost, payroll, shopping, and made lasagna (yes from "scratch")for tonight's dinner. Not entirely certain this will prove the best pre race dinner ever but I generally have a pretty tough tummy so hopefully I won't suffer GI issues tomorrow.

Later this morning I am the Mystery Reader for Carmella's class. I anguished at the library yesterday trying to decide what book to read. I ended up picking this book. I worried it might be too scary for first graders but I ran it by Carmella's teacher and she thought it was wonderful and said she also had the Old Lady who Swallowed the Fly that I could read too--instead of Earl the Squirrel.

So in my madness I decided that I would go one step further and make cupcakes as a surprise treat. I have never made cupcakes before so I was little worried but I they turned out alright. For this I did use a mix. I can definitely cook just not the best baker. You have to be more exact with measurements when baking and exactness is not my strong point--nor is following directions.

Okay, Martha Stewart I am not and if you can't tell I decorated the cupcakes with spiderwebs and made little flies out of craisons and green icing. Ryan was making fun of me and said the kids wouldn't be able to tell what they were--much less care. But I told him that my artistic ability was about that of a first grader so I happen to think they will be able to tell.

Okay, going to pack and then off to the race!


  1. Ms Natalie...You're a cool Mom!

    You forgot the fly!

  2. As an aspiring chef and baker, I can admire your handiwork for sure :-)

    Have fun at the reading! I'll see you in the morning. Will I get to meet Ryan, Carmella and Beau? Or is this a date weekend for you and Ryan?


  3. Oh I almost read that book too but thought it too scary for the 4 year olds. Cool cupcakes! Very pod Nat of you.

  4. I think you did a great job on those cupcakes. Will you bring me one when you bring Lola over? You know I'm a fool for cake.

  5. Charlie that was a typo. I made flies not spiders. I fixed it but I did forget to make a spider. Kids will have to be the spider.

    Wes The whole fam should be present except lala and pop who are keeping Lola--Bubbles, Poppy (running 10 mile), Meme, Pat, Baby Pat, Carmella, Beau and Ryan. They will not be at start though--too early.

    Thanks T!

    Lala I will bring cupcake if any left. I do have some mess ups. These are not Rhodes cupcakes--Duncan hines, you know that right?

  6. PS. T Beau didn't find the book scary but he likes scary stuff.

  7. Doug calls the cupcake business putzing. You are putzing. : )

    There is no reason to make cupcakes from scratch. I am a baker and cakes/cupcakes still come out badly - better to trust Duncan Hines or Betty C.

  8. Bummer :-( K! Have a safe trip up!!!

  9. Congrats on the age group win and the 3:37 @ Chickamauga.

  10. Great race Ms Natalie!

    Congratulations on your age group win and the 3:37!

    You are amazing...see you in Boston! ;o)