Monday, November 12, 2007

Promises, promises . . .

So I had no Internet this weekend because we were being all rustic and staying in the great outdoors in a fancy log cabin with heat and a hot tub and running water and satellite TV --basically everything but Internet.

I know I said I would post a race report Monday when I returned but I am too tired today to write it up. We got back early evening yesterday and today I had a really bad case of where-the-fuck- did-I-put-everything Monday. After hobbling like a stiff legged chicken with its head cut off this morning I indulged myself in the bike and a little brick run with Steph. Whew worked some kinks out there. Thanks Steph! And then after doing all the laundry from the weekend I also squeezed in a swim and some good stretching this evening. So while the stiff achy legs are feeling much better I am pretty exhausted. Just need to chill, ya know.--with my wine and Dancing with the Stars . And a nice yummy steak. Ahhhh. . .

So . . . for those that care, I promise to post a full Chicakmauga race report tomorrow or Wednesday by the latest. And for those that want pictures and details of Seeing Rock City, Ruby Falls and all the other marathon weekend festivities I promise to get that up along with pictures too.

I will tell you that I had an absolutely fabulous race. Really, I had a fabulous weekend.


  1. Glad You Had A Good Weekend, Can't wait for the pics and the report!


  2. yes-do tell about the "celebrity runner" in the race- from the experts- that wasn't he!


  3. Hey this is Dustin I ran with you at the race for about the first 12 miles or so. I saw your profile on runner's world. Great run I am still barely able to walk. I was still able to make it to Ruby Falls that afternoon though. Good luck in the future.
    Dustin Dutton

  4. Post pics of the cool shirt too, so that we can use them to lobby the peeps for a group trip next year.

  5. Of course all the psychos out there have already looked at the results and know what a great race you had. Congrats and cannot wait to get all the details!

  6. anxiously waiting your race report.....still......

    (i cheated and checked your time, since i've figured out your full name :P) great job, btw.

  7. Hellllooooo, you've ditched the biking for the day and where is the race report?