Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some prefer the treats; Others? They like the tricks . . .

And by tricks, you do know I mean turn them.

I mean I know I said we were poor and that I needed to figure out a way to make some extra money but I am kidding, really.

I was hooker witch for Halloween. Just for pretend. I wasn't going to dress up but I found my fabulous orange and black socks and, you know I only have an excuse to wear those once a year, so I dressed up. For socks.

Beau told me I looked beautiful.

Carmella bemoaned that I am always a witch.

And Ryan muttered "No kidding. I mean, you look hot honey."

And now Beau is my favorite.

See, I'm easy. And now it totally makes sense that I would like the tricks, doesn't it?

We went to Aunt Meme's and Uncle Patric's to trick and treat. Baby Patric was Bob the Builder, Carmella an angel and Beau a red Power Ranger:
And with the retro setting:
Carmella, I mean peaceful sleeping angel:

Baby Pat, I mean Bob, the Builder:

Beau, I mean, evil Power Ranger that steals Bob's drill:
And wakes peaceful sleeping angel:
Who fights the evil Power Ranger for the good of tools everywhere:

And then they all make up :

And go trick or treating: Booing there, spooking here and getting treats everywhere:

With their entourage:

And got lots of candy!
The end!
I hope everyone had as nice and as spooky of Halloween as we did!


  1. I would dress up for those socks too! Looks like fun!

  2. thanks meme-that's the best trick or treat I've had in years. Your neighborhood totally participates (mine was like a tomb on halloween) lala