Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yasso's got nothing on Carmella

So here I find myself yet again in the taper madness. I know I say it every time but man, I hate the taper. I feel fat and out of sorts. You know, I happen to like my training regime-- okay, no, maybe not the peak training regime. Wait, you know what? Yeah, I do like that. I just don't feel like I've accomplished anything if I don't feel completely dead on my feet. I suppose that might be a tad masochist but I really do like that heavy leg-I-can't-make-quick-movements feeling I get after hardcore workouts. I also like the short but hard workouts that jazz you up. What I don't like is how I feel all sluggish and thick in the head during the taper.

So Chickamauga will be my 4th marathon and even though I've done a dozen half marathons and a triathlon I am still trying to figure out how to taper. I figure eventually I'll hit on the magic formula but until then I continue to struggle through this trial and error taper approach.

Regardless of all that I do know that during the taper-- wait, more specifically, a week out from your A race-- is not the time to try new workouts. But nonetheless I found one. Tried it, did it, whatever. I really can't take credit for it since it wasn't planned; it just sort of happened.

Yesterday I decided since I had 8 days until the marathon squeezing in one last 16 miler wouldn't hurt--might even help. I didn't run it hard, just took it easy and enjoyed myself with an 8:40ish pace.It was a nice run on a nice day.

The kids have been all about their bikes lately so I promised them I would take the to the Greenway trail for a ride after school. I debated riding or running along with them. I decided I should run since I just bought new shoes for the marathon and need to break them in a little. I coerced Lala to come with me despite her complaints of old lady back problems. We took puppy girl Lola too. I figured I could easy jog along with the kids. I was thinking it would be walking with a little running. Not even a workout.

Uhm,. Okay. How come no one told me that when you take the training wheels off your kids' bike they are really fast?

Holy Mother of God did Lala, Lola and I get a workout.

Carmella took off as soon as she hit the trail. I was like what! Wait! I was flat out sprinting to keep up with her. No kidding. Lucky for me Carmella stopped right around the half mile mark. I caught my breath while she graciously waited on Lala and Beau. When they caught up I told Lala that she was on Beau duty. Lala was breathing hard but nodded that she understood.

Then Carmella was off again. I sprinted after her, dragging puppy girl with me. Again Carmella stopped at the half mile mark and waited on me. Once she had Beau and Lala in her sight she was off again. By a mile and half I was dripping in sweat. Carmella in contrast wasn't even breathing heavy. Whose idea was it again to take her training wheels away? Oh right, mine. What the hell was I thinking?

By the time we reached the 2 mile mark Lola was about dead. Carmella waited until Lala and Beau caught up and I handed Lola off to Lala. Puppy girl was dead weight. I've got to get that Husky in shape. She is good for the long but she has no endurance speed.

At the 2 mile we turned back and Carmella continued on with her version of Yasso 800s and I just tried my best to keep up. I was not really planning another speed workout before the race--you know thinking I was good having raced a half marathon 14 days out-- but nevertheless I got one in. And maybe next time if I don't run 16 miles in the morning before Carmella 800's they won't seem so difficult.

So here is how last week worked out:
Sunday: No workout. I had planned a recovery run but decided I needed a full day rest.

Monday: I was really surprised to find myself sore and still tired from (I guess) the half on Saturday. My workout felt really hard. I did my usual 5 mile recovery. Maybe I ran it faster since I brought Lola for all 5 miles. Around the midpoint of the run I tripped and since I have Lola tethered to my waist I went superman like flying and then she drug me through the dirt for a few feet. I was surprised to find that only my pride was hurt. I was dirty and totally embarrassed. Thankfully I was only a spectacle to the cars driving by.
After my run Steph invited me to a swim. Her knee was bothering her so no bitches bike ride. Dissappointing but probably just as well. I did ride my bike to the Aquatic center--not quite 5 miles--to meet her. I am so stupid but I am still trying to figure out how to dress myself for the bike. It was pretty windy and I was hot, then cold, then hot, so I was glad that it was a short, albeit uphill ride. At least, I figured home would be downhill.

We hit the pool and did a 400m warm up and then we did my 10x100's in 2 minutes workout. On paper this workout doesn't seem so hard but it really kicks my ass. The goal is to do a 100 in a minute 30, rest 30 and repeat. Inevitably I blow my wad by doing the first 3-4 100's in a minute 20 and then drag through the next few. By the 6th or 7th 100 I am ready to quit but Steph is totally not a quitter so we got it done. I think all my 100's came in under a minute 30 but they were hard fought. We did a 500 cool down and then got cold and called it a day. Then I rode back home and was very cold. I swear I spent the rest of the day trying to get warm. Yes, I know it was in the 60's.

Tuesday: So sore in the arms and very tired. No workout. At least I don't remember one.

Wednesday: Only had time for a quick 6 miles.

Thursday: Another easy 6 miles after I dropped kids at school. Then Ryan made me go to work with him. I hacked away at shrubbery for a few hours with a machete. Not fun.

Friday: Arms totally sore from machete workout. 16 miles at an 8:40ish pace. 8 Carmella 800's at what felt like faster than 5k pace but admittedly may not have been since I am sure I was tired from the 16 I ran in the morning.

Saturday: Took the kids to ride their bikes again at the Greenway. Carmella and I had a conversation how she was to take it slow. I ran behind her and in front of Beau. We got in just over 4 miles in around 34 minutes. It was nice and easy and I only had to sprint a few times. This jogging along while they ride might be just the ticket. However I feel like crazy mom yelling for my 4 year old to "Pedal Hard! Keep up!" Some people walking on the trail were giving me dirty looks. Whatever. They have no idea that I have spent the last 4 years chasing Beau around.

The Totals:
Run: 41 miles
Bike: 10 miles
Swim: 1900 meters.


  1. I can't believe you went back again for more torture! Lala NEVER runs that fast-being old and all- and that was just Beau's speed! maybe you could skate along with them!

  2. Yeah, you could roller blade along with them. I think Camille has some blades you could borrow. . .

    I like how your taper/make you crazy week is still 41 miles of running. : )

  3. Yeah...What Stephanie said! LOL

    A 20 miler the week before a marathon is not tapering!

    But I do admire your endurance!

    Great run!