Friday, November 16, 2007

Turkey Cupcakes (by request)

Okay, this is for all my mommy friends who have little ones and might have volunteered to bring a dessert to their little one's Thanksgiving Feast. And you know if I made it then it can't be all that hard.

I cannot take full credit for these as I looked at a few different turkey cupcakes recipes I found on the Internet but those seemed a bit more involved than I was willing to do. So armed with my Internet pictures I went to Publix and perused the candy and cookie aisle until I figured out an easy way to make the turkey.

*Box of yellow cake mix
*Chocolate Frosting
*Mini Chocolate chips
*Mini Milano cookies by Pepperidge Farms
*Candy corns
*Red Hots or Red crystal sugar or red sprinkles (my kids didn't like the red hots so I used the red sugar on leftover cupcakes when they wanted more)
*black decorating icing (small tube)
*white decorating icing (small tube)

Make, bake and frost cupcakes according to directions. Then sprinkle with mini chocolate chips. Place 8-10 candy corns in cupcake for the tail feathers. On a Mini Milano use the black icing. Make two dots for eyes and one for the beak. Press a mini chocolate chip over the dot for the beak. To make the wattle use the white icing and then place a few red hots or sprinkle red sugar. Stick turkey head in cupcake. Voila! Turkey cupcakes. Enjoy!


  1. I was very impressed with your marathon report, and an even more impressed with these cupcakes. I bet they were a huge hit at school. Thanks for sharing!

  2. hey marathon smarathon, 1st in age group blah blah....turkey cupcakes now thats amazing.....just how many did you wow!xoxoxoxxoxox

  3. Those are some cute turkey cupcakes Ms they taste good too!


  4. I just can't believe that "Martha" side of you that comes out sometime! They look amazing. Who cares if they taste good? Presentation is Huge.