Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What? I'm fine. Really.

Every time I answer the phone someone--Lala, Tara, Dee Dee, Steph et all-- says "Wow, you sound bad." Or "I have the same cold."

"What?" I say. "I'm so much better. I ran six miles today. I was fine. Little tired, you know, but fine."

Then they say, "I don't think you should run." Or "So you're just doing the half, right?"

I assure them that I am fine, really, feeling better. I just sound bad because I was coughing. My voice is probably rough from that. My vocal cords probably strained or something. But really, my head? Chest? Clear now. Here listen. You hear that? I took a deep breath. Haven't been able to do that since last Wednesday. I'm better. Really.

Lala and Tara counter with; "Well you still sound congested."

I'm not. I promise them and assure them that I am just waiting to see how bad it is going to rain before I decide which race.

And last night I asked Ryan if it was raining really bad and I did the full if he and the kids would could meet me at the Starbucks on Peachtree Hills with some dry shoes. You don't even have to come if the weather is nice I told him. You know, just if it is bad, I would really like some dry shoes.

Are you serious?

Yes. I explain that the last 10k will go much better for me if I have dry shoes.

He just shook his head.

And then he didn't say anything but he looked at me with that one eyebrow raise thing that I can't do as I coughed so hard last night that I almost threw up. After I finished he said "Sounds like your going to do really good in the race. I'm sure the dry shoes will make all the difference."

I told him that I was better. Fine. I just needed to cough that last bit of phlegm out. I said this as I took 2 teaspoons of cough expectorant/suppressant and thought, to myself, that probably carrying my inhaler with me for race might be a good idea.

Apparently though there is still more phlegm and I am so glad Ryan went to work early so he hasn't heard me hacking all morning since the cough syrup has worn off.

So yeah. Maybe I'm not exactly totally well. But I swear. Yesterday? I thought my cough was gone.

Oh, and I checked the weather. Uhm, yeah, this is the forecast for tomorrow between 7-10 am: 80-100% chance of rain. Chance of thunderstorms. Showers definite. Temperature 56-52 degrees (looks like it is going to drop through the day)

I am taking the hint. I don't want to but I also don't want to DNF because at mile 20-- when I run past the aid station in front of Piedmont Hospital-- I decide to skip the Powerade and instead check myself into the ER. I know, if nothing else. The last place I want to be on Thanksgiving is in a hospital.

So I am sorry to all the hard core character building marathoners. I want to hang with you but I just can't suck it up. Too many strikes against me. And to all my peeps in the half. I'm in for the rain dance.

Now, I am off the Expo and then to take the kids to see the Lenox Santa and ride the Pink Pig.


  1. Yay! Ummm... Errrr... Sorry to hear you aren't 100% :-) See ya tomorrow! I guess I will be looking like a banana.

  2. Hey Ms Natalie...the important thing is to get better. Even running the half in your condition is hardcore in my books.

    You take it easy out there and the best to you,

  3. Hey Nat! Very smart decision! Have a great race! :o)

  4. Have a great race and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. OK, you totally left out the "hacking-up-lung" part of your description of illness when we talked on the phone.

    Duh, of course you shouldn't do the full. Ryan is right on.