Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey Day Roll Call

Okay who's doing what race on Turkey Day?

For those doing the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Marathon or Half Marathon I want to hear half or full and when you are going to the expo.

And for those undecided runners you can still register at the expo. Today is the last day. You can switch races until Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

And for those that will not be getting up at the crack of dawn to run or make a turkey the race still needs volunteers. I hear you get a cool sweatshirt for your time. Application is here.

Finally, for those that ipod I want your top 5 running songs.

Edited because I need to know what everyone is planning on wearing for the race. Right now I am thinking skirt (navy) and Run Like a Girl shirt (orange). But last time I wore the orange shirt for a race was OBX and it rained really bad. Not that I think the shirt caused the rain but you know it may not be so lucky.


  1. Dee Dee and I will be picking up our stuff tomorrow for the HALF :-) Need to check on that expo thing as I don't wanna be late! Are MP3 players allowed for Atlanta? Hmmmmm. I got mine loaded with U2. I need to put some more stuff on it.

  2. The only thing I see in the rules is no wheeled vehicles or pets. I've always run with an ipod. You probably don't need it for the half as it is farily crowded but the full can be desolote.

    And I need to know what you guys are wearing. You know I have such a hard time with the outfit. Going to edit my post so everyone else will tell me their outfits. Thanks!

    FWIW I am going Wed too. exp is 11-8pm I think.

  3. Well, its either wear the MP3 or talk to Dee Dee for three hours :-O LOL! I actually keep the volume low enough to be able to hold a conversation!

    I'm keeping with tradition and wearing my ING outfit again, so I'll be dressed as I was at Chicka... all blue/orange with a white hat on top... Of course, IF its raining, I'll have my banana yellow Nike rain coat....

  4. oh yeah, I'll definitely have a visor. Do you get hot in a rain coat?

  5. Hmmm. So, I'm not racing either the half or the full because it would take me 20hrs to get there! BUTTT I CAN GIVE YOU MY TOP 5 RUNNING SONGS!

    1. Heart OF A Champion- Nelly
    2. Eye of The Tiger- Rocky
    3. If You're Going Through Hell- Rodney Atkins
    4. New Day- Avalon
    5. We Were Meant To Live- Switchfoot

  6. I am running the half along with 8 friends who are going to kick my butt!

    Ipod's aren't allowed, I freaked when I read that, but I am wearing mine anyways because word on the street is that it isn't enforced. I like to save the music-less runs for tri's.

    I am a total baby when it comes to cold weather. I have also never run in the rain. I am going to wear black tights, a black adidas hat, and probably a long sleeve top. I have been trying out some different clothing lately to see what works. I cannot have exposed legs as I will freeze to death.

    I voted twice. Once for the half then after I read older posts about your nephew I changed my mind and voted for the full. Sorry. Run the full. You'll have so much to think about and ponder that day and 26.2 miles is a great time to chat with the Big Man Upstairs.

    I am in the process of making my supreme playlist right now: top 5

    1. The Way I Are: Timbaland
    2. Stronger: Kayne West
    3. Paralyzer: Finger Eleven
    4. Into the Night: Carlos Santana
    5. Navras: Juno Reactor (this song rocks!!!)

    I will be at the expo tomorrow (Wed) at 11-11:30ish, hopefully I will see you there!

  7. I'm running the half. I'm wearing my black fleece tights and my NYC Marathon tech shirt with a silk long underwear shirt underneath. I think I am also going to wear a fleece jacket that I don't like anymore and leave it at the aid station.

    My first five songs on my ipod are Green Day - Welcome to Paradise
    Jump Little Children - Magazine
    Aeorsmith - Janie's go a Gun
    Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop
    Arctic Monkeys - Who the Fuck are the Arctic Monkeys

    I went to the Expo last night. I reccomend parking at Lenox and walking down. Parking is $5, which is fair, but the elevator out of the garage is very slooooow and was very frustrating. Some of us looked around for stairs, but couldn't find any. Walking down from Lenox is much less frustrating.

  8. We are still going. Waffling between navy running tights (with bandaids on my ankles to keep zippers from chafing me) and pink skirt with my ING shirt.

    With body glide.

    All over.

  9. Go with skirt steph. Tights will feel yucky all wet. Or wear them under your skirt and peel them off and check them.

    I am planning skirt and Chickamauga shirt, a visor and some clothes to change into after. I will be at your house at 5 am.

    Current top 5 fav's
    Lazy Eye--SilverSun Pick ups
    Kissing Families--Silversun Pick ups
    Cherry Bomb--Spoon
    Vagabonds--New Model Army
    Recruiting Song--The Pogues
    Honorable Mention: Underdog --Spoon

  10. Danielle! It was nice to see you! You are very pretty, btw.