Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Adult Evening Part II: Counter Culture

It is so unfortunate (or perhaps it is fortunate for some) that I forgot my camera last night. I heard Ryan mutter "thank God" when I realized I had left it behind. We were already running late because I was having one of those fat days.

I am certain-- whether you are female or not-- you are familiar with what I am referring to. If not, please, let me elaborate. It was one of those times where I have no clothes! Nothing! To wear. And yes, all those clothes crammed into my closet? I hate them all. Every last one of them; even though last week? I liked them. And so, you see, I have to try everything I own on but in the end I will decide to wear the first thing I tried on. You know, the outfit I had on 30 minutes ago. So. Annoying. . .

This fat, I know,-- even knew in the throes of the fat fit-- that it is the direct result of my crappy exercise this week. Well, that and PMS.

See, if I run 40 miles a week I don't feel fat. Ever. I know technically I am not fat and probably haven't even gained a pound. But when I don't run my regular mileage the hormones totally mess with my psyche. I know rationally that it is ridiculous to let few pounds of bloat get the better of me but that is what happens when I run less than my regular mileage. Sigh, this was just an unfortunate week to nurse an injury.

Are we clear?


So back to my trusty camera. It is totally unfortunate because the following are the pictures of Ryan and I's adult evening that I would have taken had I had it with me.

And just to be clear there are no pictures, only descriptions of the pictures that I would have taken had I had my camera.

You with me?

Here is the picture of where Ryan and I go to the adult novelty shop to get Wes a birthday present.

And here is the picture of the cheetah print G string that I still sort of regret not getting him because I think that would have been even funnier than what I did get him. Which sorry I am not telling you what I got him.

Here is the picture where I scream at Ryan to stop telling me how to drive. I don't know. We have been married what? 9 years? And yet, he still doesn't get that one: I.HATE. To. Drive. And two; I know I am a crappy driver. And three, most importantly, I hate hate hate to be told how to drive. I. Know. I. Suck. I am only driving so while you can indulge in drink I will not so that we can remain card carrying members of the I-have-never-had-a-DUI club. Because jail? Is something that I don't want for either of us baby. So shut up already.

Here is a picture of us eating at the worst restaurant EVER. It is called Zocalo. (I didn't link the actual restaurant because I think you should click on the review link.) It is next door to the Brickstore Pub where Wes's 30th birthday drinking fest was going down. We had planned to eat there but there was a ridiculous wait for a table and I was so hungry I was about to chew my arm off or kill Ryan because when my blood sugar gets low everything in the world pisses me off. Even the belt you are wearing. I don't care if I did buy it for you. It pisses me off. Give me food and I will be nice again.

So what was wrong with Zolcalo? Well they were in the process of "renewing" their liquor license and could not serve alcohol. Which really means that either they are in arrears with their GA taxes and had it revoked until they are paid. Or they got busted serving minors. Or, even less likely, they are total morons who let their liquor license lapse because making a profit isn't that important to them. I was like whatever; I just want to eat.

So not only did they not have alcohol they also had the worst food ever and the most terrible service I have ever experienced. So horrible that I actually thought that maybe we on that old MTV show called Boiling Points.

The final straw came when I got up to go to the restroom and Ryan said it was out of order. I thought he was kidding. Because Ryan, who had had a few beers thought all this was totally hysterical. So I ignored him and stomped off to relieve my bladder. And yes it was true: the women's room was out of order and they had put up a home made sign on the men's room that said "Unisex". I'm sorry. You can not have a unisex restroom with open urinals and stalls. That is just wrong.

Moving on.

Here is the picture of me happily back at the brew pub saying hi to our friend Brad who Ryan and I went to elementary school with and finally enjoying one of two beers I had. I was much happier after a beer. My sense of humor was once again intact.

Here is the picture of Wes opening his inappropriate gift that is in a bag that says "Super Stud". Don't you just love how embarrassed he is? Isn't it funny how red his face is? I love people whose faces gets flushed when embarrassed.

Here is a picture of Wes and Pookie at the end of the night. See how glassy their eyes are? See how they sway and are holding each other up? Cute aren't they. And today they are both understanding why I said I wasn't going to drink the Belgian or high gravity beer. "What do you have against the Belgians?" they foolishly asked me.

Here is the picture where Ryan leads Pookie and I lead Wes to my car.

And here is Wes sitting in Beau's carseat. Yes, Wes is thin but the carseat only harnesses up to 48" and 100lbs.

And here is how we left the happy couple. Passed out on their living room couches.

Happy Birthday Wes! Welcome to your 30's.

Last week totals:
Yoga: 1 hr
Walking: 1 hr; 4 miles
Running: 28 miles (Ran Mon 4, Th 6, Fri 8, Sat 10 miles)Pathetic.
Cycling: 100 minutes/29 miles on indoor bike. Level 11 hill workout.
Swimming: 95 minutes; about 4000 meters.
Today's workout: 7 mile trail run. Felt great. Best run in awhile.
Streak: 28/0


  1. Brickhouse is SO yummy!! Go back and get the Brunswick stew when you get the chance.

  2. I can't believe we missed that!!! So sad......Did Pookie show you the pictures of us in the snow? On top of her car?........hee..hee..hee


  3. Are ya'll EVER going to grow up? Lala

  4. Damn you for forgetting your camera! So jealous of your nights out!