Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adult Evening: Part I The Getting of Culture

As any parent of young children will tell you the adult evening is rare luxury. Okay, maybe not rare for some. I am sure it is quite a common occurence for those that have lots of disposable income and many available babysitters.

And I personally don't know anyone in that category because I am in the other category. The one of poor and desperate for a night out. Those in the other category tend not to hang out with me. But I am lucky in that Ryan and I have both set of grandparents close by who we can guilt trip into watching our little darlings.

Some how the planets aligned and I managed to finagle an unheard of two adult evenings in a row. I know. I can hardly believe it myself.

Last night the kids stayed with Bubbles and Poppy and Ryan and I attended Lala's art opening. See, that is the getting of culture part. Right. My tongue is placed firmly in cheek.

And since I know you must be tired of looking at my fat veiny legs I will post some new pictures. Because an adult evening? It must be documented.

And here is the artist known as Lala:

Here is Ryan and Colby discussing one Lala's paintings. Or wait, maybe they are discussing their unfortunate choice in turtlenecks . . .

Here is Wes. I am pretty certain that he is reflecting on the conversation he endured where Barbara and I expelled the virtues and problems (read narrow shoulders) of vintage jackets.

We then enjoyed mojitos and tapas at Eclipse de luna. And Ryan was driving Ms Drink (me.) And quite drink I got.

Tonight I am the dd and will be driving Mr. Drink. We will be celebrating Wes's 30th birthday at some brewpub in Decatur. He, Wes, says he is going to drink a beer for every year of his life. Last night he was bemoaning how he is trying to gain some weight and that this week is a recovery week for him. I am thinking that with 30 beers some weight gain is certain and that next week will also be a recovery week.


  1. I am confused....isn't Lala your mom? That lady doesn't look like she can be yo momma!

  2. Ahhhhh.... Another great post Nat! Tell Wes I said Happy Birthday, and thanks to Lala for taking the time to answer my questions...

    You and Ryan make a great couple... I need to ask Ryan that to confirm though, as drinking does affect ones perceptions :-)

  3. Stunning good looks just run in Nat's family. Lala could easily pass for a sister.

  4. Dani
    Yes Lala is my mommy and she does look young but she is definitely old enough to be my mommy without it be scandalous.

    Wes, I must still be drink. I am confused about your question.

    Steph, you are so nice.