Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My legs.

Are swollen.
I don't know why and it isn't a lot since I can still see some muscle definition. But that picture above? Is not how my legs usually look.
Look at my calf:

Look at it.

It is HUGE.

It doesn't usually look like that. I mean yes, I have some big calves but normally you can see all the muscles--even the one that splits and divides the calf. My legs? They are cut. But today my legs look chubby. I don't know what is up.

I did not run today. And maybe that is why they are swollen. I also took the anti-inflammatory the orthopedist prescribed me. I did swim today but normally that flushes out all water retention. So I don't know what is up. Nothing hurts.

So what did the Dr say?

Well, he took xrays of my spine and pelvis and everything is perfect-- no stress fractures or anything. I was quite happy to find out that my legs are the same length and my leg flexibility is apparently not as terrible as I think it is.

He sent me to have a vascular ultra sound of my legs and my veins are great. No blood clots and the blood flow is normal and there was no sign of varicosities, well other than the one I've had but that is a superficial one.

I have an order for a bunch of blood tests but I haven't had a chance to go yet. Not sure what they are all for but I think he wants to rule out a bunch of stuff and said he wanted to see is some muscle enzyme is elevated. I am betting it is because every blood test I've ever had that is the only out of the ordinary thing.

He mentioned compartment syndrome but not the scary surgery or tests. He just talked about rest and stretching.

So I don't know. It is puzzling and I felt very out of place at the orthopedist's. Everyone there was limping or had a cast or was old, very old. So I felt a little silly being there just because my calf muscles seize up when I run. The people there can barely walk and I'm like, no I'm fine I just can't run fast or far.

So no answers and no running. Well, no running for a few days at least. . .

You know how I mentioned the tile Ryan was putting it the other day?

Wait, here is a picture from Sunday:

And you know how I optimistically said I was sure it would all be done by Tuesday?

Yeah, well I was wrong.

Yes the tile is all put down but it is not grouted.


Well because, apparently, you can never just put tile in. Of course there must be painting too.
This morning after dropping the kids at school I met Ryan at church.

And by church I mean Home Depot.

I picked out grout and paint.

So today we painted. And it is not finished. So tomorrow we will also paint. And maybe the next day we will get to grout. Not to mention there is still the stair treads that will need to be stained (ebony) and installed. Not to mention, but I am anyway, that I totally need new curtains. Slowly breaking it to Ryan. Can't overwhelm him with too much at once.

Ryan has been complaining before we even started to put the tile down that it was going to be so cold. He put a heater under the floor but decided that the heated tiles weren't warm enough. So he decided we also needed a faux fireplace.

And so we bought one. And the kids are so excited. Beau especially. He sat next to it for an hour this afternoon and talked non stop about his pretend fire.

And Ryan thought I was crazy when I told him that kids would be excited about it. They can't stop talking about it.


Just to be clear.

You do know when I say "we" I mean Ryan?

I did help paint this afternoon and I will stain the stair treads but I am absolutely not allowed to do anything that requires precision and detail. You know, like trim work,or painting near the ceiling, or floor, or doors or outlets. And I am most certainly not allowed to lay or cut tile. See me? Just to be clear about my role in the "we"; I am the part of "we" that thinks up all these projects for us to do.

Right. And you know by us? I mean Ryan.

23/0 but my intensity and duration is way down. :(


  1. Ha ha! The Church of the Orange Apron! Glad to hear that the doctor's appointment did bring some good news about your bones and veins. I hope the bloodwork also brings good news. Maybe you could keep your legs elevated a little more often (read sit your butt down every once in a while!), and ice them?

    Justin just installed bamboo flooring in our bedroom. Looks awesome. Not done, but getting there. Maybe that'll happen when my wacked out uterus would stop contracting too early. Ugh!

  2. Just keep resting, just keep resting. Resting resting.

    The room looks great! The new paint is very nice.

    Call me if you want to swim at pool today.

  3. I have been wearing compression stockings and I am in LOVE with them!!! I even rode the trainer for 1:15 with them on and my knee didn't hurt afterwards!!! It feels like you have just gotten a massage everytime that you take them off. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has soreness in their calves, achilles, knee pain, etc. I am very happy to hear that it wasn't something more serious. I am still not running as well. It ain't pretty but I have been reduced to things like pilates and one-legged squats and jumps to try and increase strength on my gimpy leg. But remain optimistic-your legs still look WAY better than most peeps!

  4. Definitely not the same legs from X-mas photos :-) Love the Steph tells ya to get rest than asks if you want to go swimming ROFL!!!

    Hope you recover well and soon!

  5. It's not like this is the SAME advice I gave you last week or anything! Glad you went ahead with the blood tests-no reason to not see it all through. By the way-next time-I don't charge a co-pay. (this is assuming your tests come back okay, I really only know blood looks red and drippy, so I would not be helpful diagnosing anything there) Lala

  6. The room looks awesome! Legs, not so much but glad it's not serious. Any ideas about Sat or do you want to enjoy your fancy new fireplace. How cool!

  7. Wow, for a second there I thought I clicked on my OTHER set of favorite website links....haha.

  8. I'm no doctor, but I believe they're just bloated for some reason. Have you tried ice baths for 10 minutes duration several times a day? Ice baths couldn't hurt.