Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hope and Optimism in 2008

New Year's Eve Ryan and I dropped the kids and Puppy girl at Pop and Lala's and headed in town for an adult evening to kick 2007 to the curb and throw open the door of unbridled optimism to 2008.

While Ryan and I celebrated the traditional New Year way with some dinner, lots of champagne and a trip to the Clermont Lounge (okay maybe that part is not so traditional but that is where we went to my dismay) the kids enjoyed a more pagan celebration in the suburbs.

Upon dropping off my bathed, fed and ready for bed kids Lala announced that they would be burning the Christmas Tree and making New Year wishes. Hearing this Carmella informed Lala that she is the "dangerous grandma". Lala, taking offense, asked me just what I had been telling Carmella. And I quickly explained to Lala that Carmella is six not an idiot. She's got a pretty good grasp on the obvious: Grandma that has bible study in her living room or Grandma that sets fire to her Christmas tree in the front yard? Yes, you are totally right: hard call on which one is the dangerous Grandma.

I digress, yes, even in the New Year some things won't change. But while I stood in the door way of the Clermont Lounge--I had to stand in the door way to catch breaths of fresh air. I had no idea that you were still allowed to smoke in bars. My lungs still hurt from the exposure. --Anyway, while stood in the doorway of a bar/stripclub/dive--how do you classify the Clermont?--I contemplated my . .. uhm,resolutions, goals, ideals. . . for 2008.

The word resolution doesn't work for me. It implies to me that you are eschewing something old for something new and different: adopting new habits. For me this is not the case. I think I am on the right track, moving in the right direction. God forbid, dare I say it?Evolving. Ugh, gag--too cheesy. Even though I feel I continue to move in the right direction this is not to say there isn't room for improvement. I think the word "goals" might possibly be more appropriate but maybe "ideals" is an even better word. Or maybe just continuum? Okay, now I am juggling semantics. Maybe I should just say my hopes for 2008. I think that makes the most sense.

If hope sounds too non-committed believe me it is not. It is just being realistic about what I can accomplish given the restraints of being wife and mother. This is not to say those titles weigh me down but they do bind me to certain responsibilities that take priority over my personal desire. Everyone has boundaries in which they must operate and those are mine. C'est la vie. Que sera sera . . .
My first hope is to make more money. This should not be too hard since I really didn't make any last year. But I need to help Ryan make more so our life is less stressful and more comfortable. So if I can help by investing more of my time in our business or by getting a side job to bring in extra cash flow then that is what I will do. However whatever, more money is the plan and I vow to do what it takes to get more of the green stuff. But I will have to draw the line at working at the Clermont. And I only mention the Clermont as it is obvious that compared to other strip clubs their standards are nonexistent so I assume I could get a job there. But really, as much as I have the penchant for stripper shoes and costumes I would never actually be a stripper. Just wanted to be clear on that point.

My next hope is to remain a present, active and supportive person in my children's lives. I think I am a pretty good mom and I volunteer a lot of my time for the kids classrooms and extra curricular activities. I would like to still be able to do all that but I know if I work--even part time-- that I would have to sacrifice some of that volunteering. So I just hope that I will be able to reconcile that with myself and my kids.

I have many fitness hopes for this year. I am disappointed that I did not meet my time goals last year though I did make gains by having new personal bests at the marathon, half marathon and 10k. So last year's time goals of 3:30 for the marathon, 1:35 for the half marathon and sub 42 minutes for the 10k still remain. Inching closer. But you know just seeing improvement really means more to me than a specific time goal. Because once I break down one time barrier I just have to set another anyway.

And of course, it should go without saying but I'll say it anyway: I'd like to see my swim improve but more importantly the bike. As Steph said we suck on the bike. Okay, she didn't exactly come out and say I suck. She said she sucked and since I think she is stronger on the bike then me then therefore I suck too. I will say it is good to not suck alone if nothing else.

My hope is that my bike ability will at the least be on par with my run and my swim and right now I don't think it is. I base this on the one triathlon that I did. My swim and run put me at the back of the front pack but my bike put me smack in the middle of the pack. Not that middle of the pack is bad I'd just like all things to be equal and it is frustrating because I think I put more effort on the bike than the swim and therefore I want to see that effort reflected. I like to see results when I put in the effort. Pisses me off when I don't.

aside Oh, hey Pop, I've been meaning to ask. Can I borrow your trainer if you are not using it? See, borrow, not have. I know it is just sitting there in your basement, taking up space . . .

My race dreams and hopes this year are as follows:

For spring I am trying to decide between The Caramel and Chocolate and Peanut Marathon and GA ING. The Snickers has become appealing--aside from the prospect of chocolately peanut goodness-- because it is flat and also because Wes (brother in law) will be doing the bike races that are also happening that weekend in Albany. Could be a family fun racing spectating weekend for all! Go Nat! Go Wes! It is just going to depend if I can get marathon ready in 8 weeks. Probably but that is contingent on not getting sick at all and after this past fall I am just not so optimistic about that.

I am also thinking about this marathon. Geez that sounds tough so I might be smart and just do the half.

In the fall I will either do Chickamuaga again, Atlanta or Rocket City. Then next spring Boston.

I also plan to do all the local half marathons that I can manage. But it will probably work out to being 2-4 this year.

My only 10k plan is the Peachtree but I may sign up for a few last minute if it works out that I can do them. It is hard for me to justify getting up early and driving to a 10k. I like more miles for dollars and time than a 10k provides.

Okay, triathlons. Ainsely asked me to do the Ryka Irongirl New Year's Eve and I said I would. That's a sprint and that is in June. Hopefully it won't conflict with the 5k swim Steph wants to do. I'd also like to get in an Olympic tri this year. Not too picky on which one just don't want to travel for it. And like Steph I want my crown jewel to beSouth Carolina's Half Iron distance.

Finally if somehow the stars align and I can manage it I would love to try an Ultra in 08. Probably a 50k but maybe even 50 miler. I have no designs to run a 100 miles.

Whew. That is a lot and quite ambitious if I do say so myself. But ultimately, my real hope for 2008 is to find myself at the end of the year living a negative split. That will make me very happy.

Kindzia's Challenge for 2008:
5/0 (I counted today which technically hasn't happened yet but will: a trail run for 7-9 miles)


  1. 5K swim is just like a 5K run - 3.1 miles. I estimate that it will take me around 2 hrs (less if all goes well). You, probably a little less.

    The Ryka race is one/two weeks before the swim race. You can totally do both.

    An ultra? You are hard core.

  2. You've had a great 2007, I'm sure 2008 will even be better for you!!

    This month's "Men's Health" magazine's toy section mentions the importance of a "stiff" road bike, which will improve your cycling...sometimes it's not the rider, but the bike!

    I would also like to do an ultra for 2008, but the bigger challenge would having my wife allow me to run an ultra!

  3. That tree burning thing was fun! The kids really enjoyed it -by the way, Beau's wish for the new year was that 10 puppies come out of Lola's tummy! lala

  4. Steph, I am so dumb. Of course a 5k is 3.1 miles. I don't know why I was confused. At any rate I think I could do that. I've done that distance in a pool--of course that was25 years ago but whatever.

    Bruce: When I mentioned to Ryan my desire to do an Ultra he was like Uhm we're going to need to talk about that. Hence why I think the 50k is more likely than a 50 miler.

    Lala: that explains a lot about the puppy conversations we've been having lately.

  5. Ahhhhh, Nat... You always make me laugh. Dangerous grandma indeed :-)

    That's really cool that you guys are thinking about doing the same 5K swim that I am. It will be good to have familiar faces at the start in case I start to drown!! ROFL!!! Nat! Steph!! Help me!!! Oh, they are already a mile away :-)

    I still think you should turn your passion into a money maker. You would be a great running coach/trainer. That would allow you the flexibility to continue to do all the things that are so important to you...

  6. You had us all fooled! We thought you had a great time at the Clairmont?!?!?! You couldn't work there, though. I guess we forgot to tell you - thats where stripper's go to die. Your first gig will have to be somewhere a little less classy.

  7. You know, Wes, I passed the lifeguard training class twice. I could totally save you. ; )

  8. Wes you are not the first person to suggest I be a coach but I really don't think my methods would garner me too many clients. But if you want to be the guinea pig you can hire me ;)

    And like Steph I too have passed the life guard test a few times but Steph is a lot smarter than me and probably actually remembers all the stuff you are suppose to knoe for the life guarding test.

    Mainstay? Is this Wes, Pookie, Colby, Ainsely or John? Whoever this is I am dying to know where is less classy than the Clermont?

  9. What's to remember? (1) Grab person in trouble, (2) Level them out, (3) Cross-chest carry them to safety. Then, there is the dreaded hair-tow. . . .