Friday, January 04, 2008

Kindzia's Challenge

I just wanted to encourage everyone to sign up for Kindzia's challenge.

Those too lazy (which, btw, is not a good sign for your participation in the challenge) to click the gist of the challenge is to commit to 30 minutes of exercise a day.
For as many days as you can until, well, until you die. Kidding. I believe the challenge will end at midnight 12/31/08.

And even if you fall off the wagon, just get back up, dust off your pride and get right back on it because you can still be in. Kindzia explains it all. (See above link.)
There are prizes. . .

So yeah, and I mean you, what do you have to lose?

My understanding is that open registrations ends tomorrow.

Kudos to Charlie and Wes for signing up.

Oh, and my tallies thus far:
12/31/08: 6 miles in 49 minutes
1/1/08: 10 mile run~ about 85 minutes
1/2/08: 4 mile run in 29 minutes, 20 minutes upper body weights
1/3/08: AM workout: 4 mile negative split treadmill run (first split 16:10, 2nd split 13:54), 1800 meter swim in 30 minutes PM workout: 5 mile trail run no idea about time.
1/4/08: 7 mile run in 62 minutes.

Woo hoo, 5 days of consistency!

PS Friend Tara has decided to join. She is visiting and asked "So I can just do sit-ups or leg lifts for 30 minutes?"
Me: Yes, I guess so.
Tara: "Oh, yeah. I can do that. Okay I'm in."
So she starts doing leg lifts and lunges. Right this second. In my hallway. In her tight ass jeans and 3 inch slutty mom clogs.
Go T-bone!

Of course I am sitting here blogging while I have a house guest. Hostess of the year award coming my way.

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  1. I like the challenge, but after logging all of my 2008 workouts into the BT site, I noticed that all of the runs are 29 mins because I'm still at 3 miles. So, I'll commit to activity every day but it might not be 30 mins so no sign-up.