Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm sorry, what?

15 degrees?
6 degrees if you factor in windchill?
In Georgia.
Okay, call on me. Me! The girl who no longer has bronchitis and is ready to go run many miles with her hand up in the front (I like to sit in the front).
Uhm, why is it so freaking cold now that I am well? Is it because I signed up for Kindzia's challenge? What the hell?

Me thinks the universe is still against me in 08.
Le sigh.
Hi ho hi ho it's off to the dreadmill I go. Too cold to run on the trails this morn hi ho hi ho hi ho. . .


  1. Wha? What? Who is this posting? ;-) I know it was a sub-20 degree wind chill last night when I was banging out my measley 2.8 miles. Nothing tights, gloves, beanie, and 3 layers on top couldn't handle. I really enjoyed the snot fest too :-)

  2. Wes it doesn't bother you to breathe that cold air? I know I can dress properly for the cold but once it gets below freezing the super chilled air really makes my airways reactive. Experience has shown me that my tolerance for running in the cold about 28 degrees. After that--even if dressed properly I can't handle it. I feel I'm not getting enough oxygen when the air is that cold and it really taxes me on the run.
    Besides my next marathon isn't until March so I really don't see the benefits of me suffering through a short run in sub freezing temps when I can be on the treadmill. If I thought that running in cold temps was going to give me an edge I'd probably suck it up but seeing how last winter I trained through the cold only to have race day be in the 80's I don't think I'll bother to find out.
    But I say good for you. You obviously are not the delicate Ga peach that I am.

  3. Good call to run on the treadmill when it's that cold. Cold does make asthma and bronchitis worse or even brings them on again. So it's better that you fully recover Ms Natalie!

  4. You said, "Experience has shown me that my tolerance for running in the cold about 28 degrees." Your tolerance is much higher than mine, at 40 degrees I'm heading for the dreadmill, which in contrast isn't that dreadful.

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