Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I think, this is what is meant by looking a gift horse in the mouth . . .

So today, Steph, my darling cutie of a bike buddy invited me to her day of fantastic fitness.

Steph had an all day pass. As a better mom and athlete than me because, not only does she do it with 2 kids, she also does it while working part time. Which btw, when you are lawyer is really full time. She is also a lot nicer than me.

I had to do the reading centers in Carmella's classroom this morning so I couldn't join her for her swim portion of the day. Since she was nearby I stalked her at the pool and suggested we do the Comet rather than battle the mean streets of Marietta and Roswell. She readily agreed.

However it took us longer than I thought to get to the Comet. So I called on Lala to pick up Beau from school since Carmella would be at dance until 4. That would give us even more time. Greedy greedy, I know.

Lala agreed. And I told her if Beau got no checks (he is allowed 2 but usually gets in the neighborhood of oh, 12 or so for various infractions.) to please get him a treat--say McDonald's fries or a toy at the dollar store. See, Beau is on a one day streak of no checks and I promised a special treat if he got no checks again today. Lala agreed to see to a special treat.

Steph and I had a great ride and rode 40 miles-- which is definitely further than I have ever ridden and I think so for her too. And, I discovered that after, oh say 30miles-- that padded bike shorts? Yeah, they might be a good idea.

My poor smushed girly bits. Don't know how you boyz do it.

Hmmm. Maybe men are tougher than women.

Yeah, right.

Hello. Childbirth?

Then we ran a 3 mile brick.


The run was not so great but after 6 straight days of running and a 2 and half hour bike I suppose that is okay. The calf cramped up and I had to walk. Steph was suppose to reign me into a recovery run but at the half mile she report a 7:29 pace.
Sheesh. My legs have no idea what they are doing after they get off the bike. It felt like a 12 minute pace. Like we were wading through molasses. So she graciously walked with me for a bit and at the turn around we ran back--slower. Everything was starting to feel better but I was glad to be done. She also, rightly so, insisted we get powerade. I even bought a Cliff bar-- even though I was not hungry-- since I would not be able to eat until at least 6pm.

We parted ways and I drove to collect Carmella and Abby from dance and then Beau from Lala's. We dropped Abby at home and I hit the gym for a 30 minute swim to finish off Steph's fantastic fitness day.

And yes, Lala was true to her word as Beau did have another no check day. He insisted on a Happy Meal and she obliged. With a coke to boot. And this is that horse's mouth part that I am looking into. I am seeing all those dirty horse teeth as I never give the kids coke. I mean, you know, unless they are going to grandma's--not the other way around! And as if the coke wasn't enough caffeine Beau also indulged in handfuls of chocolate covered espresso beans.

And that my friends is why my 4 year old is sitting in his bed right now--an hour past bedtime, talking about imaginary spiders on the wall.

And I am thinking that tomorrow?

Tomorrow will not be a no check day for Beau.

His streak ends and possibly mine too.

But for now: 30/0.


  1. No, No, keep the faith. Beau might have another no check day since this one was so much fun!

    I can't believe you swam after picking up the girls. I hope you just did arms!

  2. OMG!!!! Expresso beans for the little one?!? I use those as "emergency only legal crack aides!!" Too funny!!!

    You ride without bike shorts! Holy cow! Go to performance and invest in some shorts with a chamois....you might also want to think about getting some chamois butter or ASO creme for when you start increasing mileage.

  3. You've been riding your bike without bike shorts? Yuk! My bits are sore after my twenty miler, and I had on bike shorts! LOL!! Just goes to show that those muscles need training too!!

    Way to go Beau! Slip me a fiver and we'll work out a secret stash of soda for ya ;-)

  4. Yes. Bike shorts are a necessity. And even with those... well, after about 20 miles I am pretty numb "down there."
    Seconded on the anti-chafing products too.
    And ouch.

  5. I don't know why you get SO upset over cokes and coffee beans. They are great anti oxidants, and with dark chocolate even better. Cokes are just part of life as we know it in the south. I was raised on this stuff and I'm okay. (right?) lala

  6. Nice job on the brick workout, Nat. I always knew you were studly. Maybe I can take some pointers from you and incorporate more cross training right now. No more feeling sorry for myself!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

  7. My very first week of cross-training on a upright stationary bike (THE FIRST Training Program where I run three quality runs a week and two cross-training sessions) I had to purchase bike shorts as I was really suffering, the shorts was the most expensive athletic clothing item I ever purchased...$100!! Nope, women are much tougher than me.

  8. Great job on your 40 miler and brick!

    I need to get my bike set up so I can get some rides in...I keep saying it but...someday.

    Hope your leg is doing well now.