Friday, February 01, 2008


We finally finished the play room.
The past 2 days we have spent touching up trim, moving the furniture back in, arranging furniture, hanging mirrors and curtains and shelves, wiring speakers, cable and TV and putting the kids toys back in.

We are quite happy with our efforts:

View from upstairs: Stair rail still needs to go up otherwise little dirty handprints will appear on the wall.

Kid's table that I spent a week finishing 6 years ago so damned if this room was not going to match it.

See here. Make no mistake. Marriage? It is a compromise: Ryan has designs on hanging his other dead head in here and also "getting him a turkey this spring". I am pushing for a fish. Cause deep sea fishing is something I could be on board with. Sitting on a boat with my Corona light in the warm Flordia sun. . . Yes, most definitely.

See the gold chest to the right of the chair--ignore Beau and Lola. It is now a toy box. I think it is suppose to be a hamper.
It was orginally $200 but it got marked down to $50 because the gold leaf was chipping off. I think that makes it look better. But then a leg broke and they marked it down to $25. I hemmed and hawed over it and they came down to $15. When I got home I fixed the leg. Screw and drill. Easy Peasy. I love it.

I was worried that Ryan would hate it because, early on when we started dating I went to a tanning bed--it was winter and I had to wear short shorts to work.(Waitress. Tan legs= better tips. White pasty legs= GI distress for customers.)
And Ryan said in reponse to the tanning: "What's next? You going to start wearing gold and driving a camero?"
But he seems to like the gold chest--especially since it is the perfect place to put his beer while watching TV from his favorite chair.

Toy box in action:

See that bookshelf there? That use to be at Lala's house (as was a lot of things in this room: red leather chair, rug, mirrors . . . I find shopping in Pop and Lala's basement much more affordable than actual stores.)Anway that bookshelf yesterday was in my old bedroom at Lala's. I carried it down her stairs--yes, those long scary tile ones that turn twice, put it in my car and drug it in my house. All. By. My. Self.
Little sore today.

Aforementioned red chair and glimpse of rug:
And now I am off to try to do a 21 miler. But it might be 23 since I only have one Gu. Might have to make a pit stop at Big Peach. Or maybe I'll bail and just do 16. Depends on how the legs are feeling.

So far I am having an "on" week but not hitting it too hard in the workouts:
Wednesday was an hour on the bike at the gym~ 22 miles on level 10 hill workout. Obviously level 10 isn't that hard because I can't even hit 20 miles for an hour at the Comet.

Then I ran an easy 6 on hills with Lola. We did do a few hill sprints. Either I am getting slower or our runs together seem to work better for a dog because puppy girl is now way faster than me. However she does have 4 legs to my 2 and she is younger.

Yesterday was just an easy 30 minute continous swim. I was planning on going for longer but the water was so heavily clorinated it was making my skin itch and there was this very large woman Aqua running in the next lane, in the middle of the pool. Everytime I swam past her the lane rope would hit me and shove me over to the wall--grr,I hate being in a wall lane.

More later.
PS. Blogger is being wonky. It won't let me spell check. As if I am not already a horrible enough editor now I also have to find my spelling errors. So apologies if this was more painful than usual to read.


  1. yeah the room looks good, but since you "shopped" in my basement, where is that pot roast you were going to share with me? I guess what I'm saying is I will give away all I own if you'll cook for me. Lala

  2. Beautiful! I LOOOOVE the red chair. You wouldn't have been able to "shop" that from my house.

  3. I would like to shop at Lala's too! Hook me up Nat.