Friday, February 01, 2008

Hell. Yes!

Hot Metal and Methedrine. Or really, a little gothic angst and endorphines make for a SUPER run.

I thought I only had time for 19 miles so I cut off 2 miles mid run. I had wasted too much time making a playlist for my run and ran into some technical difficulties so I started much later than I had planned.

It worked out though. Apparently a little teenage angst is good to run to. I added some Sisters of Mercy, Sex Pistols and Fugazi. Of course I also downloaded some Billy Bragg and Wilco so no worries, I am still skippy dippy bublicious runner girl.

I didn't have Garmin (charger is broke) but I ran for 2 hours and 41 minutes. 8:28 pace. The one Gu I had worked fine. I also had some E.F.S so I mixed that and drank that for the first half. Stopped at Walgreens to pee and refilled my bottle with water. Had the Gu at 12 miles and then sipped water. Totally fine. Maybe I don't need to fuel as much as I think I do. . .

Anyway, I feel great! I even had time to shower, dress (make up and hair done too!) and eat lunch. Even time a little for quick blog before I head out to pick up the kids.

And yes, I wore the socks. My calves gave me absolutely no trouble. This was probably the most pain free run over 7 miles I've had in a while. I do have what feels like the start of tendonitis on the outside of my left foot but I've had that before so no biggie. So yeah! Good run.

Grr, spell check still down. What's up with that? 33/0


  1. Great job on your run Ms Natalie! Happy that you had a good run without problems.

    My last 20 I took a GU with me but never used it and just drank water and Gatorade. For me, as long as I'm well hydrated and have eaten well a hour or two before the run, I'm good to go.


  2. Will you set up my playlists, too?

  3. You may be able to do a 20 miler on 1 Gu in the winter, but in the summer - NO DICE. Good for you for bringing the fuel anyway - good girl scout.