Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl

Today is the Super Bowl. We are going to a party at Pookie and Wes's. Kids and dog are coming. I'm excited-- no not about the game but because Fishstick and her very funny husband will be there and also all of Wes's bike friends. So I get to spend an afternoon laughing my ass off and talking about cycling. Oh, and of course, there will be beer.

I told the kids the other day what our plans were this weekend when going over the next few month's itinerary. They always have to know what the plan is. Or more specifically Beau was trying to get an idea of when exactly Easter is and when it is going to be his birthday. Every so often I must go over all the stuff that is going to happen before some holiday that involves presents and candy.

So I told them the Super Bowl was next weekend and we were going to a party at Pookie and Wes's.

Super Bowl? What's that?

You can tell we are huge football fans over here.

So I explain and I tell them the teams that are playing and that they have to chose a team to root for.

I begin to explain my complex methodology for choosing a team using the Giants and Patriots as my examples.

Beau cuts me off at Giants.

Giants. I'm a Giants fan.

And I know in his little mind that he sees this as battle between Giants and Patriots--whatever those might be.

I try to explain what a patriot is but he isn't listening.

Giants. I'm a Giants fan.

Carmella is quiet so I go on to explain my methodology while Beau interjects every other sentence on how the Giants are going to win.

I tell Carmella that I pick a team by which place I would rather live (New York). And if I like both places equally (or dislike) then I go by who has the better uniforms (Giants again). And if they both have good uniforms then I pick by who has the cutest team members (no idea). Admittedly that last part can be a bit tough for me to determine since I tend to prefer men with necks. Maybe I should say I pick the team with the men with the smalled necks. I am guessing though that will probably be the team that loses.

Carmella is quiet through all this and then says, "I'm really more into Paris or just France. Is there any teams from there?"

This starts a whole conversation about European football vs American football and Beau starts talking about how he is good at soccer and football and I still don't know which team Carmella wants to win. I don't think she really cares since she is only interested in seeing Pookie and Wes's dog Marlow. Because Marlow? Marlow is Lola's cousin.

Shifting gears to more important stuff like my own athletic endeavors last week. I am happy with how last week went. Feeling like my old self again:
Sunday: 7 mile trail run.

Monday: 10k on the treadmill at a 7:15 pace.

Tuesday: 40 miles cycling at the Comet and 3 mile run. 30 minutes swimming in the afternoon.

Wenesday: One hour cycling on the gym bike (level 10 hills, 22 miles) and then lots of stretching. Been very good about stretching and babying my legs. 6 mile recovery run.

Thursday: 30 minutes swimming and moving furniture. My forearms are still sore. I am more sore from moving furniture than running 19 miles. It is funny how if I do anything different I will be sore. My muscles are such creatures of habit.

Friday: 19 miles at 8:28 pace.

Saturday: 7 mile trail run.

Running: 48 miles
Cycling: 62 miles
Swimming: 2 miles

And today 4 mile trail run. 35 days of consistent workouts.


  1. So does that make Lola and Marlow my granddogs? lala

  2. I think you need to get lala set up with a username. It seems weird that your mom is "anonymous"... Great post, by the way! I want to be a kid again, right now!!!