Saturday, January 19, 2008

Playing in the Snow

Ryan took a break from the whole laying of tile process to play in the snow with the kids.

I went out and documented it.

We played for about 2 hours while Ryan and Poppy waited for something or another to dry. There is still no tile on the floor yet but the furniture is out of the room, the carpet is gone and cement is primed, leveled and ready for tile in the am. I am optimistic that we will have tile and the room back in order by Tuesday at the latest. But most off all I am so happy because my dream of a carpet free house has finally been realized. Hardwoods and tile and a few area rugs. Yippy skippy, I am a happy woman and that means, well, never mind to you but we'll leave your minds to dirty places and just say Ryan is a very lucky man.

Neighbors built a kick ass snow man:

Our yard is where the snowball fight went down.

Ryan getting reamed

Beau laughing, saying "Good one!"

Carmella tossing a snowball.

Beau with monster snowball.

Carmella posing before she gets smacked in the head

Beau and Ryan on the 4 wheeler. Ryan took me for a spin and Carmella took a picture but all she got was my arm. He took me where he took Beau and I was scared. I think I might have needed a little liquid courage (read shot of bourbon) before taking a spin on the 4 wheeler. At the very least I regretted not wearing my bicycle helmet like I made Beau wear. Here is Ryan and Beau headed out of neighborhood. See I thought he took him just around the neighborhood. No. He took him about a mile or so down the road and did doughnuts in a new neighborhood. He said Beau was all woo hoo but I'm betting he poo'd just a little in his pants.

Hope everyone else had a fun and fantastic snow day!


  1. Beau left his hat at my house. Lala

  2. Good luck with the tile. Having tile made me wish for linoleum - grout just never comes clean. But I see the joy in carpet-free.