Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Run

I took this picture with my camera phone. It doesn't do the scene justice. It is from the end of my 5 miles in the snow run. When I started out the snow was just starting to fall. When I returned white was inching out the grass and red Georgia clay. I love how the road curves here. It always makes me happy to see it.

This morning Lola and I were going crazy and couldn't wait to go out to run. Ryan didn't want me to go and Lala was down right against it. But Ryan is laying tile in the playroom this weekend and more than not wanting me to run he wanted the kids and dog gone for awhile. So I called Pop and pleaded with him to watch the kids while Lola and I ran. He agreed. Lala of course tried to discourage me. Pop then got on the band wagon and lectured me and Lola and I ran out the door into the snow leaving Pop and the kids to play in the snow.

It was absolutely fantastic. Sadly though the snow wasn't magical for me like it is for Frosty. My calf tightened up about a half mile in but then relented by the end of the first mile. My leg felt a little heavy and awkward but it didn't hurt so I kept running. I thought Lola and I would hit the Leita Thompson trail but there were no cars in the parking lot when we got over that way. It was sort of freaking me out to run along the road there. I kept thinking the cars were going to hit ice, skid and plow into me. So I ducked back into the neighborhoods. There are few rollers in there but nothing too terrible except the hill that tops out at Carrie's old house. I have a hard time with this hill when feeling fresh so I just walked it. At the top of the hill I checked my calf and the vein was bulging and green again and it looked bruised around it. So I walked/jogged that last mile back to Pop and Lala's. I didn't care. I had low expectations for this run and it was nice to walk in the snow and just be out there in the Atlanta Blizzard 08. Besides I totally missed the mark for dressing for a snow run. For some reason it didn't occur to me that snow? When it melts. Is water. Yeah, waterproof, duh.

I showed Lala my leg when I got back. I was thinking maybe it was a blood clot. Both she and Pop have had problems with blood clots and even though I tested negative for all those markers--as did Pop-- I am on birth control so I was a little worried maybe that was the issue. She noted the bruising and agreed that the leg was swollen and felt different from the right leg but didn't think it was a blood clot. And after a few minutes the bulging vein and bruising subsided. Now it is completely gone. Hopefully the Dr will have some insight on what it is. Like I said, it doesn't hurt. Just pressure and tightening in the area and a sort of dull vague ache--but not now, only when running.

Oh well. Off to play in the snow and on the 4 wheeler. . .

PS. Welcome to The Clyde. Thanks for delurking. I totally see how snow might not seem so fantastical if it was an everyday thing but here in the South it is a rare and precious gem that causes mass hysteria and hysterics.

PPS 20/0 and 41 miles for the week. Eh.

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  1. Good snow run for you! It could be that the birth control is giving you the vein problems. Mention that to your doc when you go.

    I thought I might have the snow run too, when I ran at dark-30. Unfortunately, all I got was sleet, which is not nearly as fun as snow.