Thursday, January 10, 2008

Satan's Mama

A few years ago I wrote a post about the evil that falls upon us in March of each year.

Well, guess who is Satan's Mama this year?

That's right I am. And I am the evilest of evil. I am the Cookie Mom.

A few words.

Samoas . . .

Tagalongs . . .

Thin Mints . . .

Carmella and I will be available to meet all your Girl Scout cookie needs.

Cookie sales will begin next Friday, January 18th.

Unfortunately I am not permitted to actually sell cookies over the Internet but if I know you; you better buy some cookies from Carmella. And if I come to your house and find that you have purchased cookies from someone else, well, there will be trouble; remember, I am Satan's Mama. I have powers.

With all these cookies that are going to be taking up space in my garage-- tempting me--well, thank goodness I am streaking. 11/0.
Today's workout:
3 miles at marathon pace on the treadmill: (mile one 8:30, mile two 7:00, mile three 7:50 and a 1/2 mile walk cool down to get me to 30 minutes)
30 minute continuous lap swim
Gearing up for a 20 miler tomorrow.


  1. Hey there Nat, thanks for the comment. I have indeed finally started my own blog, good timing, as I have needed a place to vent about this hip issue...

    I'm sad you can't sell over the internet, however it is best I don't keep Thin Mints in my apartment, b/c I can eat a whole sleeve without thinking about it!

  2. I was cookie mom too for you. I will buy tons of cookies from Carmella. Add cookie weight gain to my current "getting ready for a show weight gain " and I will be a whale. I may have to hire you to whip me into shape. Lala

  3. Weird article from NY Times that stated: "Kicking off the selling season, a Kentucky Scout group last month held a five-hour cookie college in three cities, with 10 classes in marketing, money management, goal setting and the etiquette of approaching customers. In January, 600 Girl Scouts attended a one-day cookie college in Sacramento, sponsored by Merrill Lynch; the seminars included “Entrepreneur 101” and “Creative Marketing.” Geez, these kids must be from REAL overachieving and pushy parents!

  4. You have officially beat my neighbor to the door. I will be thinking of my order. Love them Samoas and Do Si Dos.

  5. We will definitely support the cause, but perhaps with donations instead since I still have cookies from last year.