Saturday, February 09, 2008

Labors and Love

Tomorrow is Carmella's 7th birthday.

That's right.

I have a SEVEN year old.

And this time 7 years ago I was in labor.

And Carmella?

Carmella was not easy to make but she has totally been worth all the work.

I shan't go into all the garish details in this post but to give you an idea as to why I personally just don't think that there is anything harder than giving birth at this time 7 years ago I had already been in labor for 13 hours. I think that is supposedly about the average for most first labors.

But apparently. When it comes to endurance stuff. I am an over achiever. As Carmella didn't arrive until 9:17 pm on Feburary 10th. In case you don't want to do the math that is 42 hours.


People run ultra marathons in less time than that.

But for their efforts?

They get a belt buckle.


I got Carmella.

Nuff said.

(In case you are wondering; comparatively Beau was more like a 10k. Walk in the park. But believe me, it is like a race that I am still recovering from. There is just no easy when it comes to kids.)

Anyway, this morning when I was out on my recovery trail run that was what I was thinking about. That my labor had started and my life was about to change. Most times when your life changes it happens in the blink of an eye but I got 42 hours to think about it. So I remember lots of details. Again. I'll spare you.

Anyway we've got parties to go to so I can't wax on about this forever.


And today?

Today is my sister's birthday.

That's right.

Pookie is 31. She's in her thirties.

No way around it. Today I feel old. But I betcha Lala feels even older . . .

I am happy to say this week I hit my workouts as I wanted. Well almost. Close enough. Neverthelss, it was a strong week for me:
Sunday: 4 mile trail run
Monday: 14 miles in 2 hours.
Tuesday: Bike: 24 miles in 80 minutes.
Wednesday: This was a hard day. Planned was a 10k in under 45 minutes and an easy 30 minute swim. I could not hit my projected workout on the treadmill and bailed at 4 miles in 31 minutes. Did some leg weights and stretching. Then as punishment I hit the pool for an hour and swam continuous. I didn't count laps but I did count in the last 10 minutes and I got 24 laps in. So that comes out to about 2 miles maybe more maybe less assuming I averaged at least 24 laps per 10 minutes for the whole hour.
I was mad at myself for not hitting my treadmill workout so in the afternoon I went back and tried again. I hit 4 miles in 29 minutes and felt pretty good about that so I stretched and called it a day.
Thursday: 6 easy miles on rolling hills.
Friday: 21 miles @ 8:34 pace
Saturday: 4 trail miles recovery.

Run: 57 miles
Bike: 24 miles
Swim: 2 miles


  1. Well, I think that it is safe to say that the last 7 years have been pretty life changing for all of us. Throw a kid (or 2!) into the mix and my hat is off to you... Meanwhile, enjoy every second, because remembering you at age 18, I can't wait to read your blog posts 11 years from tomorrow...

  2. and, happy birthday Pookie! I suddenly remember telephone issues with you 18 years ago!!! We'll talk later...

  3. Lala does feel old- but very rich in family!

  4. Yeah Pookie!!! Being in your thirties is not so bad. I think it's better than being in your twenties.


  5. Eek. I should not have read this post? 42 hours??

  6. Just wait until you have a 7 year old GRAND-DAUGHTER!! My grand-daughter, Rosie, is eight years old and so very precious...I want to be healthy and fit so I can watch her grow older and spoil her rotten!

  7. Delurking to say, "WOW, what a workout schedule!" Awesome job!

  8. 42 hours. Holy cow.

    Happy Birthday Carmella.