Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where I am

This morning I am here:

Yesterday morning-- before 5 am-- I rushed out the door in 20 something degree darkness to the gym. Let it be said that I never-- ever-- do any sort of running, cycling, swimming before 7 am. But I did it yesterday and that first mile on the treadmill was all sorts of terrible and I hit the mile in 9:40. Yes, I had to start out walking because I was still clearing the sleep out of my eyes.

But I hung in there and it did get better. I made it to 4 miles in 32:36. Way slower than my usual 4 mile treadmill run but whatever. I just give myself huge pats on the back for being able to move at a time when usually I getting my last and best hour of sleep for the day.

I don't plan on making 5 am a regular time to run. In fact I think if I had to I probably wouldn't be much of a runner. But it is nice to know that when necessary I can run at 5 am as before yesterday that was totally questionable. My hats off to all you peeps that get up and run in the cold pre dawn. You are a better person that I.

After my run I hightailed it home, showered and zipped up my suitcase and we caught a plane to West Palm.

Uhm, yesterday?
It was in the 80's.

And we?

We went swimming. I had on a bikini. Not that that is necesarily a good thing-- condsidering the pastiness and dry flakey skin-- but is quite a nice change from Wednesday and Thursday where my butt nearly froze off in my runs those days.

And today? Today it is nice too and I am going running along the beach and then later? Yep swimming and cocktails.

Okay, so earlier when I wrote this internet connection was a little spotty. I am back from my run. It was very toasty this morning--70's and I was hot. And I got a little lost. But I was just so thrilled for it not to be cold and to not have to run up a bunch of hills that I really didn't care so much.

Week's end totals:
Run: 40 miles
Bike: 38 ish miles
Swim: 1 mile

Sunday: one hour bike with the kids and maybe 5-6 miles biking. Not really much of a workout except a test of my patience.
Monday: 20 miles on the bike in about an hour 20.
Tuesday: 13 miles on the bike in an hour. Cold and sucky.
Wednesday: 10 mile run and a 30 minute swim.
Thursday: 19 miles that sucked all sorts of bad. 9:21 mile. I walked. A lot. I even called Ryan to come pick me up around 11 miles and he said he would but he didn't. So me? I didn't fuel because me? I'm cheap and didn't want to waste a GU.
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 7-8 miles. Not sure I was gone awhile. 7 is the low ball guess--could have been as much as 9. Like I said, I got lost. But see, I didn't care so much because here is where I was lost:

And last night when we got here Beau said, "Mommy. This place looks like paradise."


  1. It looks lovely there. Believe it or not, it's actually 70 here. We are blogging on the porch.

    Too bad I did my long run this morning or I would bike.

    Will you be back for a workout day on Monday? I've got a sitter all day . . .

  2. No Steph - she's not coming back till Tues. Lola is all mine till then! We saw a guy collapse today at the river trail (Columns Dr.) No pulse, cpr, defib thing,everything was tried- when he was taken away in the ambulance still no pulse after about 20 min. All you running people keep it up (He looked very out of shape-but young) I guess I'm hogging Nat's blog, all of us runners need to keep on keeping on. Lala

  3. It does look like a bit of paradise. Have fun...well, of course you're having fun! ;-)

  4. Nat! I'm jealous!!!
    Have a great vacation!
    And good job on the 5am run.
    Enjoyyy paradise.

  5. Glad you guys are having a wonderful trip. They have a tri down there I wanna do some year soon...