Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Le Sigh. It is back to the bitter bitter cold

Okay, not really but after a delicious taste of summer for the past 5 days it sure seems that way. At least Wednesday looks good: 62 high, 39 low but then the rest of the week seems to spiral down into wet, dark and dreay dampiness.

Definitely not the sunny and breezy 80 degrees I've been enjoying.

So see?

Totally le sigh.

I must give a million thanks to Uncle John and Aunt Patricia for graciously sharing their luxurious condo in Jupiter Beach with us. My kids did not want to leave. They were totally ready to forget all about Georgia for a sunny and warm beachy life in SoFlo.

Okay, so that is Patricia, Bubbles and Me. Tres chic in our black, aren't we? I got no picture of Uncle John. He jetted in and jetted out to wheel and deal in Sweden. You know, someone has to make the big bucks so we have such a lovely and cushy place to visit. So I hope your trip was successful Uncle John! We sure missed having you there with us though.

Also thanks to Grandma Virginia and Coach for letting us invade their pool and for the yummy lunch on Friday. I loved how my kids were all "Mmm I love turkey sandwiches. This is the best sandwich ever! My favorite!" When they totally hate turkey sandwiches. Yes, I put the fear of God in them about politeness and not complaining about food. And by fear of God I mean I told them no beach trips ever again. See, even little kids can learn to be grateful when you phrase it right. It is all about the kid currency and my kids? The beach is their money.

Of course now that we will not being going to the beach for several months I am totally screwed. . .

And thanks to Jessica and Tim for feeding us on Saturday and letting my crazy two play with their 3 little cuties. Cousins? Yeah, I think they have a good time. You know once they finally got over themsleves, stopped circling each other and finally started playing.

Carmella and Beau were just totally amazed that they had all these other cousins. And that it was just so cool that little Pat was in SoFlo too. I think in their little minds it is all coming together. Hmm, family. . . But really? What was not to love for them: Skipping school? Beach days? Swimming? In Feburary? Pools in every back yard? Chicken nuggets and all the french fries you can eat? Not to mention all the Sprite you can drink? Staying up late? And cousins? Holy moly Florida is paradise.

Really we couldn't have asked for better weekend in SoFlo. I really wasn't expecting beach days and pool days--it being February and all. But oh boy did it feel fabulous to swim in the ocean, get all wind blown and sandy. Really, there is nothing better than a 5 or so mile run in the morning along the beach, lunch with cocktails and then sitting on the beach with cold beer watching your kids bury and unbury themsleves in the sand.

And it should be said. Jupiter has got some waves. And some shells.

Not like the Gulf or Hilton Head. I went out and body surfed and got flipped and tossed and spit back out on the beach. It was just all sorts of fabulous. Of course the 2lbs of sand I had in my suit were not or the little scrapes on my hips from hitting the shells. I guess you can't have everything.

I just can't get over how amazing it was to run outside and actually sweat.

Right. Okay. So that part wasn't so "amazing" but my joints didn't ache from the cold and my mucles really do just work better in the heat. And I was totally sad that I didn't have my bike. All those bike lanes and peeps on their bikes. The humanity of it! That was a little mean. On my runs back to the condo I would stop and watch the packs of cyclists all in aero zip by me. So cruel. Steph? We would have so much fun--and no hills. Did I mention that there are no hills in SoFlo? Very nice.

You know, I would be totally remiss for not thanking Bubbles and Poppy for including us on the trip. It really was a great to get away. Thanks guys!

Oh, and I should thank Lala for keeping Lola otherwise she is going to pipe up and complain. And she probably will anyway but it should be noted that you should ignore her. She will say it was so awful and she is the mother martyr who gets left with dog while her favorite child runs off to play at the beach.

Do not believe it.

Lala took Lola shopping and bought her new toys and treats and bones and pretty much spoiled her so I am thinking it wasn't all that terrible. Besides, Lola is easier to keep than say oh, the kids? I mean you can put Lola in crate not to mention you keep her on a leash. Oh, and her food? It comes in a bag. So easy. Oh, and there is that added bonus of watching bad kitty boy Thor kick some Husky ass. (Right. Yes. Thor is still alive.)

Finally, I should probably thank my kids for being on their bestest ever behavior. Okay, so Carmella was just herself but Beau was totally someone else's well behaved 4 year old. I know it wasn't easy for him but somehow he pretty much managed to keep it together until we got back to Atlanta and it was just the 4 of us again. Then at dinner tonight he was back at doing I am the most annoying and loudest child in the world bit--which is actually pretty funny for everyone but me. Le sigh. I miss SoFlo.

Now it is morning and I am such a pansy that I am editing this blog while I wait for the temperature to get over 40 degrees. I am hoping to do my long run today since the cold and rain forecasted for the rest of week assures me that I won't be doing it then. Remember: I am delicate southern flower. So not a pansy afterall. More gardenia I guess. Well, I do bruise easily . . .

At any rate this is the second week of shifting my long run. This is bad because I am getting into the cycle of doing my long runs too close together. So yet another reason why I am not opitimistic about today's run. Not to mention that my right achilles is complaining. Probably from those runs Sunday and Monday on the beach. I love running on the beach while I am doing it but always regret it afterwards. Well at least my legs do. Yesterday I just did the elliptical so maybe my legs will feel okay today. Like I said. Not too optimisitic.


  1. I am so jealous. Looks like everyone had a blast. Welcome back to Atl, just in time for more stormy weather, lol.

  2. Glad you are back! Maybe I can ride bikes this afternoon . . . I'll call you if I get a hall pass.