Monday, March 17, 2008

Ack! The Leprechauns got a hold of my blog randomness

Happy St.Paddy's Day! The Leprechauns wrecked havoc at Beau and Carmella's schools today and apparently they got a hold of my blog because what comes next is randomness. Or, is it because of happy ending? A beer so dark it looks like motor oil but luckily tastes like coffee, bitter chocolate and beer, and well, I'm not so sure a happy ending is what I am in for . . . High gravity beers are the debbil I tell you! The debbil!

Okay, so this is the infamous Thor. Last week Pookie cut off Lala's hair and Lala put it on Thor's head and took a picture and has asked me everyday why I haven't put the picture on my blog. (Uhm, because I am not a weirdo cat person???)

Not much fazes Thor. His misson in life is to eat as much canned cat food as possible. So he didn't care about the hair. But I am betting in another week or 2 Lala will care and will be wanting that hair back from Thor. Not to mention she will be saying terrible things about Pookie behind her back-- no matter how cute her new kicky haircut is.

I got Thor from Fishstick on my 20th birthday. (Her cat had had a bunch of kittens and Thor was one of the only ones from that litter to not have six toes. I think there is some cousin or brother sister inbreeding in his heritage for sure.)I drove back to Athens with him in my Jeep with the top off. He was in a crate but he was so freaked out that he meowed all the way home and was so hoarse that for 2 days afterwards when he would meow no sound would come out.

Thor lived with me at UGA. I took him to the GA Bar and to class sometimes. I tried walking him on a leash once but that didn't workout at all.

He is sort of a crazy cat. Wait, I know, all cats are crazy, but really, Thor is different. He doesn't really get he is a cat. At least he doesn't like to hang out with cats. He likes to hang out with dogs and when my parents had some, goats. He isn't afraid of the vacuum cleaner but is petrified of the blue coat hanger. He can't walk past a glass surface or mirror without rubbing his paws all over it like he is washing it. He has almost died like 5000 times because he thinks he is so tough and gets in fights with cats and raccoons. One time he got his kitty butt kicked so bad I had to give him shots and clean out his wounds that looked like raw chicken. It cost a lot of money and showed me that I am totally the one you want around if you happen to lose a limb or have some horrific injury because I didn't throw up at all while taking care of Thor.

Thor really isn't my cat anymore. Partly because after college I lived in apartments that I could not have pets in and then because when I married Ryan he had a dog named Thor. He was a golden chow mix and Thor cat beat him up. So Thor cat lives quite happily at my parents. So yeah, that is the Thor cat story. Any questions?

And since it St. Paddy's day I would be remiss if I didn't post at least one Pogues song.
Because they are the best!

Okay here's another: The Pogues concert--from the If I Should Fall From the Grace of God tour-- I went to in 1989 at The Roxy with John S is still, to this day, the best ever, most fun concert I have ever been to.

But a word of warning. This is NOT the song you want to listen to while running up a 3 mile long hill. Trust me. I tested this out myself yesterday on my 22 miler during miles 14-17.
Okay and a happy one:
Happy St. Paddy's and may you all have a happy ending being all silly and punch drunk. Woo hoo.


  1. Most fun concert you have ever been to...Really??? Huh... Excuse me...I must go now...

  2. Ahhhhh.....It is the leprechauns I tell you! And that debbil beer!
    back pedaling . . .
    The Pogues was the most fun ever yes, because it is, hello, the Pogues and my most favorite band ever but of course the Church( --jeez was that at the Roxy too?) was definitely the most memorable, life altering concert ever because that is where I met Chris and he was the bestest boyfriend ever who took me to a gazillion great concerts like the Ramones and the B-52's and Debby Harry, and Smithereens, and some classical show at Chastain and Ziggy Marely and a bunch of other SUPER fun stuff and he was really nice because he let me win even though he was smarter but not really but he did know how dress much better than me and was told me the truth about how ugly I looked when I had my wisdom teeth out and everyone else said the bruises and swelling weren't really that bad. Because Stoph is the best. Can we be friends again? I promise, if given the chance, to make whoever you are hating cry big girly sobby tears. kisses.

  3. Happy Ending Beer! mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm.....good....


  4. Thor thanks you for his moment of fame. He can't understand why you neglected to take him to the bars of his youth on St. Paddy's day - he is always telling me how great it was in Athens.

  5. How about a picture of Lala's new hair do?