Friday, March 21, 2008

Way to Blow Good Friday

Oh yes, the taper . . .
I ran 10 miles today with Lola. We went out easy. Mostly because the first 4 miles are uphill. Then we hit what I hope was marathon pace for the last 6 miles--could have been too fast but may have been too slow. No Garmin, no watch. It is all a mystery.

Marathon pace, if that is what it was, felt quite comfortable. Yesterday I practiced various paces on the treadmill over 5 miles: marathon pace (8 min), long run(8:45) 10k (7 min), tempo (7:15), and some heart pounding sprints(6:10)tossed in for good measure. The first 4 miles today felt like long run pace and the last 6 felt somewhere between tempo and long run pace. Que sera sera . . .

I ran late morning and noted that I saw lots of men. I don't usually see men. Men are typically at work when I run. Generally, if I see anyone when I run it is women or retired men-- okay, so I do see some men. At any rate, I was puzzled and then it hit me: Good Friday! Oh yeah, Easter! Bunnies and eggs--as if the kids have talked about anything other than that all week . . .

I promised the kids when I dropped them at school this morning that we would dye eggs for Easter this afternoon. So when I got back from my run I googled how to hard boil eggs.

Yes, I have hard boiled eggs before but it is a once a year thing, so I forget the timing. Timing, is everything, you know.

In my search the perfect timing for hard boiled eggs, I also looked up the process for doing blown eggs (snicker).

I really hate eggs and hate even more how hard boiled eggs stink up the whole house and refrigerator. So I was seeking an alternative.

In case you are on the fence about hard boiled eggs or blown eggs,  to help you decide the website had the directions for both processes and offered this gem: if you are going to save the eggs for reuse next year you should do blown eggs.

What! Really?!

You mean you can't pack up your hard boiled eggs like you do your Christmas ornaments? So, that's what that smell in the attic is. . .

And in case you are on the hard boiled or blown fence, let me help.

I do not recommend the blown technique.

But should you not follow my recommendation and  decide to blow eggs anyway,  take my advice and do the following:

1.) Dye the eggs first. They float when empty and it is hard to put weights on eggs.

2.)  Definitely use a nasal aspirator like they suggest to blow out the yolk. Or go to a craft store. Apparently there is some tool made specifically for egg blowing. Egg blowing. (giggle.) It is a thing.

Note: Even though they recommended not to use my mouth, I uhm, used my mouth. (Why would I not?)

3.) Let it be said, blowing out eggs is like giving birth. I was afraid all the blood vessels in my face were going to bust from blowing so hard.

Wow, that sentence is all kinds of wrong. . .

After I blew 14 (Oh my god! So.Very.Wrong.) eggs I was done. I ended up hard boiling the rest. So my house was stinky.

Next, I don't know what the hell happened but I think I was briefly possessed by Martha Stewart. I decided I had to buy some ribbon so that we could use the blown eggs and decorate a tree!

Do not do this.

I am sure there is some trick to it but apparently when I was trying to figure out exactly what that trick may be I was most definitely not possessed by Martha. It took me freaking forever to thread the ribbon through the eggs and yes, there were 3 egg casualties. Nevertheless here is the eggceptional tree:

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Blowing eggs.... ROFL!!! Now that is good training ;-)

  2. There are so many directions I can go with this egg blowing, but I won't. I find it interesting that you did not include these talents on recent forwarded resume. Definitely a must add.


  3. There is a house on Coleman Rd. that looks like Easter just threw up all over the place. crazy bunnies, giant eggs, weird stuff-all illuminated for your evening viewing. It's probably pretty nuts in the daytime too. you must take the kids to see it. It makes your egg tree look lame. So maybe don't take the kids. I just bought a bunny pan to make a bunny cake for Easter dinner! lala

  4. oh by the way-could you have used the vacuum cleaner to "extract" the egg innards? My Wind Tunnel just might have done the trick. The egg innards in the vacuum cleaner bag worries me a bit though. Lala

  5. Egg in a vacuum? That's salmonella waiting to happen...
    Way to pull a good post out of vinegar and eggs!
    I hate Easter. Anyone want to work brunch for me Sunday? Easy like a Sunday morning, just smile and get yelled at...

  6. I'll be starting my taper madness next week and I'm already seeing things...I thought the photo of the kids was them in charge of a "water stand" at a race, who would have thunk they were dyeing eggs!

  7. The annual dying of easter eggs is why I didn't balk at working today (Saturday). James is officially in charge of the dying of eggs. Of course, they'll all end up a strange shade of purpley-gray...which is what happens when boys are boys and try to experiment with mixing colors.

    Blowing Eggs...yeah, uh. LOL

  8. The Easter egg tree looks great!

    I tried blowing eggs long time ago...I did a couple and it sucked, so we just dye and decorate the eggs's soo much easier and then we get to have deviled eggs after...which all of us like to eat! :-)

    Have a good taper Ms Natalie,