Saturday, March 08, 2008

All Signed up and Ready to go!

So I got through it. My monster week. And you know what? It didn't feel all that hard. I would think that by today I would be toast but I'm not. Very weird. But yeah, ask me next week when I'm dragging and just can't figure out why. . .

Here is the break down:

Sunday: 10 mile run
Monday: 6 mile run and an hour bike (17 miles). I am bummed that this wasn't longer.
Tuesday: 5 mile hard treadmill run and an hour continuous swim.
Wednesday: An hour continuous swim
Thursday: 25 mile run. Holy moly I am I glad that is the bank.
Friday: 6 miles hilly recovery run. I was pleasantly surprised that my legs, my calves, felt totally fine. I was expecting a struggle and at the very least some mild discomfort but I was all good. I credit the new shoes.
Saturday: 10 mile general aerobic pace with some fartleks thrown in. Again, legs felt surprisingly fresh. Clearly, I must have someone else's legs or this is some serious DOM.

I ran from the Big Peach in Brookhaven. I declined the group run on the ING course as me and hills? Yeah we've spent enough time together this week (see 25 mile run and yesterday's recovery run). Instead I ran the first part of the Atlanta (Thanksgiving) course on Peachtree: Out to the start from the Big Peach store, and then back to the top of the hill that bottoms out at Peachtree hills.

Those that have run the half on Thanksgiving know that it is the only flat/fast part of the Atlanta course. And yes, that is the how and why behind my decent run today. As those snow showers, the bitter cold and wind gusts certainly were conspiring against me. But it proved all good. In fact, on the way back, the wind was pretty much blowing me up that slow incline on the return. I had been dreading it going out but it felt like someone was pushing on my back. At the very least it was much better than going out on the downhill when the wind directly in my face.

Other news of the day is that I am officially registered for the GA ING full.

I am hoping that I can send in my past marathon times and get a seeded number. The application said seeding was available for women with marathons faster than 3:45 in the past year. That's me but the cut off was 2/24/08 to get it in. I am hoping they cut me some slack. I really don't care where my placement is just so long as I can start the race with runners and not walkers this year. No offense meant to those that walk. I just like to start running my pace right off the bat and would prefer to not have to dodge and weave for 4 miles like I did last year.

Run: 62 miles
Swim: 4 miles
Bike: 17 miles :(

So is there anyone else that reads here that is in for the full-- or are all of you doing the half? Halfers: Steph, Pookie, Fishstick, Dani, Sarah, Lauren and all those Peachites. Full? Doug? What say you.

Oh, and today I am thinking that maybe I am not going to have a cold after all. Did I dodge the bullet? I definitely feel better today; less snot like and food tastes like food and not phlegm. Mmmmm. . .

Okay. [looks left, then right, then left]

What the heck is going on? First someone else's legs and now someone else's sinuses? This is way weird.

Okay, who's legs and sinuses do I have?


  1. Yep, I'm still a halfer. I think Doug is still in for the full (so long as tomorrow's run goes well).

    You got snow? I got sleet. Torturous.

  2. You ran a seriously strong schedule last week, PLUS cross-training!! I have yet to have a long run of 25 miles for max is 22 miles...I'm afraid that the extra three miles would injure me. What is your current race weight, is it less than last year? Not that you need to be lighter as you're going to be a monster at GA ING!!

  3. Where is Lala?

  4. Steph I was up with the sleet and it was coming down hard. If you ran in that my hat's off to you. Snow was no biggie. Wind though sucked.

    Bruce, I think I am the same. My weight never varies more than a few lbs in either direction. A PR would be nice but the course sounds way different than last year so it could be even tougher. It will be what it is. The older I get and the more I race I think the less I can expect a PR at every race.

    Who's looking for Lala? She watched the kids this morning and now I think she is at Justin and Pam's visiting with new bebe.

  5. Wait, do you think Lala has my legs and sinuses? Note to self: avoid Lala this week so I don't have to trade back.

  6. I have suspected for some time that you are a pod. This confirms it - so the real question is, "where is Natalie? " Lala

  7. I can't imagine the ING GA course being harder (or hotter) then the 2007 course. There is an interview of the Race Director for the race in the Mar/Apr Marathon and Beyond magazine. The article states there is going to be 22 stations with Gatorade. Good luck at the ING GA, are you still thinking about CMM?

    We got snow in Birmingham too...

  8. You don't have my legs because you are too fast, but you may have my sinuses because they seem to be okay. I'll trade you though....whatcha want of mine, monster quads or boobs? I'll take your whole legs including the speed....

  9. Dani I got some quads too but I will definitely take some boobs because I totally got jipped there. :)