Thursday, March 06, 2008

Slowly, but surely, it is all coming together . . .

Recall that last week we had terrible storms-- a tornado--blow through here. Lots of trees came down and the area is still a mess. There has been lots of clean up going on.

I just got back from dropping Carmella at school. On the way back to our house I hear this from the backseat:

Beau: Ohhhh . . . .Now I get it!

Me: What's that?

Beau: Trees fall down. And that's how you get wood sticks! Did you know that Mommy?

Me: What!? Wood? Comes from trees? I did not know that! This is totally new information for me.

Beau: See, (points to tree, explaining) that's where wood comes from. Now you know.

Me: Thanks Beau!

I love it when Beau explains stuff to me.

Wish me luck. Sucking it up for the long run today. Head cold seems better today but could just be the calm before all snot breaks loose.

I felt like tail yesterday, so we'll see. Did get a decent swim in but then laid on my behind the rest of the day. (Trying to tone down the curse words. Steph gave them up for lent and I hate for her to have to read them and then have to do a bunch a hail Marys because of me. Or whatever it is you have to do.)


  1. I'm not in trouble if YOU curse! I don't think I even have to do penance if I curse. Not sure on that though - I'll ask Grammy and report back.

  2. C'mon Dani - you can run with me at dark-30 on Sat morning. You know you want to! The overnight low is 27.