Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I can tell.

The universe is about to conspire against me.

This is suppose to be my peak week and then I taper down to GA ING. And my plan for this week was this:
Sunday: 10 miles-general aerobic pace. Check!
Monday: 6 miles recovery and bike (wanted it to be longer but it didn't workout that way.Bike is just superfluous this week so it doesn't matter.) Check!
Tuesday: Treadmill speed session (5 miles) and an hour swim. Check!
Wednesday: 10-12 mile general aerobic run. Possibly gym bike in the afternoon.
Thursday: hour swim
Friday: 25 mile long run
Saturday: 4-6 miles at recovery.
Total running miles for the week would be just over 60.

Found out this morning it is going to be cold and rainy on Friday. 70% chance. And, I'm sorry call me a wuss but I am not running my longest hardest run in the rain. Been there done that for a marathon. Absolutely I will suck it up for a race but not for a training run. Just ain't worth it.

So this morning I figured I could switch Wednesday and Friday workouts. On paper this works out fine. But. . .

First problem is that I am little toasted from the previous days workouts. In general I prefer to not run the day before a long run or, at the very least, go easy the day before. Yesterday was not an easy day.

Second and biggest problem is that last night I had a sinus headache and took a Congestac (decongestant and expectorant) to ease the sinus pressure. As a result, I didn't sleep well and I feel dehydrated today. I figured I could suck it up, as
lord knows I've run with a cold, bronchitis even, but as much as I tried to rally myself it ain't gonna happen. I did try. But my head has that swimming sick feeling. I turned back less than a 1/4 mile in. I know I could make it 10 miles but I just feel like 25 is not a good idea.

So . . . new plan is swim an hour to 2 hours this morning. Rest and hydrate today. I'll have to forget about the bike. The bike fatigues my quads too much to do the day before a long run. Hopefully this little cold will go away enough so that tomorrow I can do the 25. It will be a little warmer so the weather at least will be good. Then Friday I can do an easy 6 and hopefully Saturday I can manage some childcare so that I can get 10 miles in.

I know even without this long run I am prepared for ING but I've never run a marathon without having done a 24+ miler in training. I really think not doing one would shake my confidence too much.

So yeah, I am stressing here. I am worried that this cold is going to progress and I will be too sick to complete any of my planned workouts. Arggghhhh!!!!!!!! This is a key week and it is important to me to hit my workouts this week.

And I'll admit that it is probably more important for me mentally than physically.

Off for a swim . ..


  1. Don't stress so much Ms Natalie!

    Things are starting to bloom around here so maybe it's just a bit of pollen in the air.

    I wanted to do 16 this Sat but it looks like we will be getting your rain up here by then so I'll just need to put it off till Sunday.

    I was going to suggest swapping your long run for the swim...sounds like a good plan. You've got plenty of time to get your run need to stress!

    Think happy thoughts!

  2. What? You can't run a 25 miler on the treadmill?? The Long Run on a treadmill will either make you mentally tougher or certifiably crazy.

  3. Hope you got your swim in. You know can always come and get gear at my house. I had a movie on at full volume so it was loud.

  4. I follow your blog. I'm a fellow runner and mom and I love your writing. I found you through runnersworld discussions.
    Anyway, don't be hard on yourself -reset your plan for the week and feel confident that you'll do a fantastic long run and be strong for ING. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. I am in the same boat that you are! I was thinking that I would do a long run tomorrow because Saturday is supposed to be 45 with possible flurries?!? Plus there's the triathlon expo at Concourse Athletic club and I love going to that-get a chance to stock up on free goodies and they have guest speakers too, it's from 2-7