Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Georgia Rides to the Capitol

FYI: The 3rd Annual Ride to the Capitol is next Tuesday, March 11th.

The intent of the ride is to raise awareness and support for cycling in Georgia.

The ride departs from Roswell at 9:45. 21 miles from Roswell to Capitol. If you ride back that's 42 miles (in case simple math isn't your thing). Pre -register and you get a lunch too.

Not a bad week day ride at all.

Skip work. Come join the fun!

I didn't do it last year but did the first year.

I am going to try and be there this year. You should too.


  1. Wow, I wish this was not on one of my work days!

    Can't offer help on the hair, sorry.

  2. Question: It says beginner or intermediate cyclists are encouraged not to do the Roswell ride. I consider myself in that range... but it also says it will be ridden at 12 mph.

    Now, I'm not at all good on hills because I don't ride on them, but I can't imagine going that slow, especially for only 21-42 miles... Exactly how hilly is this ride?

  3. It is no hiller than anywhere else around here. I did this ride 2 years ago on a mountian bike. I had never ridden that far and managed it fine. There will be a range of folks out there and I know that some speedier ones will bolt ahead but there will certainly be a back of the pack.