Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Story of My Red Right Shoulder

Normally I am singing about my red right ankle: ( I absolutely love that song.)

Today I ran 1 easy, 3 hard and 1 easy mile on the treadmill to finish 5 miles in 37:41 (pace range was (9-6:20 mile). Then I hopped in the pool and swam an hour straight through. For the first 15 minutes of my swim I was puzzled by the soreness in my right shoulder. I couldn't pinpoint anything that I had done that could account for it: Monday I ran and rode my bike, Sunday I ran, Saturday I ran, Friday I did swim but that was 4 days ago. . .

And then I remembered that I had done this on Sunday:
That is me with Ryan's recurve bow. Pop found it in his basement and gave it to us. (Have I mentioned how much I love my parent's basement?) Pop says it once belonged to some guy named Collicot and Collicot was a big guy.

Me? I'm not so big.

The bow is lots of fun but it has 45lb pull which I think is just a tad too much for me. I think I could handle a 35lb or even 40lb. Then I could pop those arrows off with no problem. As it is I really have to strain when aiming.

Anyway I hope to get better because it is a fun activity and well, who doesn't like to be good at stuff? And I am thinking, if I keep it up with Collicot's bow I might find that my red right shoulder is probably what is going to drag me through that 5k swim in June.


  1. Hooray! Very neat-looking bow. My video didn't have sound, so I can't appreciate that part.

  2. Steph you have to turn up the volume manually on the video clip. It is on the bottom on the right. The little speaker. I don't know why it posted with the sound turned all the way down. Weird.
    You should come over and play bow and arrow with me.

  3. I like that red ankle song. Who is that? I need to get it. Lala