Monday, March 03, 2008

Some Moms

Some moms, when they are asked to be mystery reader at their children's school on Read Across America day just come in and read a book as asked.

Other moms . . .

Like, oh, I don't know, like say . . .me?
Come dressed as a pirate.
(please note my reliable sidekick parrot)

Ryan felt so bad for Carmella he said he wished she had a cell phone so he could call her and warn her.

All the other kids loved me though and Carmella's teacher thought it was hysterical. I also gave all the kids pirate outfits so they could be pirates too. We were all arrhh!! and Where's the treasure matey! And Gleaming Booty!

Off to ride my bike for attempt 2 today. Got a flat on attempt one. Luckily Lala came and got me. James at Roswell Bikes repaired tire. Beautiful day. Wish me luck!


  1. What fun is being a parent if you can't embarrass your child? It's really one of the only perks we get.....

  2. Nice outfit! Good luck! Ummm... Shouldn't you be fixing your own tire? Just sayin...

  3. Love the pirate outfit!

    Dagny's doc heard crackles too so now both kids have antibiotics (different kinds, though).

  4. Dorothy--that is my exact argument!

    Wes-- No. But James does keep saying I need to come in for the class. My wheel had to be retaped and I thought I needed a new tire not just tube. It was good I went in.

    Steph--hope they get on the mend. AND that your run went well.

  5. Run was torturous. Still sore.

    I'll fix your tire anytime - just need to get you one of those little kits to attach to your bike.

    And, for the record, I don't think I've ever seen the fat Nat. Fat Steph was before your time.

  6. If she thinks that this is bad, wait about 10 years when all the neighboorhood boys think your hot, then she's really going to be embarrassed!