Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some Good News and Just News and Some Not So Good News.

So wow. It turns out that I got first in my age group and Steph got second. That is the good news.

The not so good news is that I was even slower than I thought: 44:33. Right. It is less than a minute off my PR last year. But still, I want to be faster or at least as fast. So that sucks. Guess I better be working harder in training. This is what I get for slacking on my speed workouts. Lesson here is that attained speed doesn't stick on its own good will. Apparently you still have to put in the work to maintain it. Damn it.

I would be totally happy if I could run 7ish minute miles and they weren't hard. But they are and I don't like that. I want it to be easy, effortless. See how lazy I am? Fishstick did say that yesterday I looked like it was effortless. It wasn't but glad that it came off that way.

Yesterday after the race I stopped by Big Peach. My favorite Peachite was there: Joe.

Joe is, at least in my opinion, a very talented runner. He wins lots of local races, like last week's trail run at Red Top mountain. And he ran Chicago this year as his first marathon ever in 2:29 (or maybe it was 2:27, whichever it was way fast).

Joe is kind enough to offer me lots of advice and ideas on my training. Yesterday we talked about my shoes. I asked if the newest version of my shoe was different as I sort of felt like I was fighting them and that a lot of my issues began after I bought them. He conceded that it was a stiffer shoe than the 7's-which I have been wearing. We discussed that maybe it was time for something new and to take a look at my form. I figured right after a 10k when my legs were slightly fatigued was probably the perfect time to pick out any form issues.

So he watched me run and agreed that I am not so much the over pronator. He said it was rather mild. I do have low arches. And I told him about how at the end of long runs I notice that my foot will hit my calf but he said that was a fatigue thing. I'll agree with that.

I tried on and took different shoes for a test run around the parking lot.

I decided on the Brooks Infiniti. Joe said I am to run in them all week (but not my long run) and go see him Thursday (with cookies) to assess the shoe situation. If they aren't working out then he is going to do something to my Brooks Adrenaline's--but he wouldn't tell me what. Very cloak and dagger.

Oh, and I was all set up to sign up for the GA ING full. But Joe told me I still have time. He marveled at women's ability to recover quickly from races. He said something like we had all these extra "stores". I told him it sounded like he was calling me fat.

Besides, I pointed out I run about 2 minutes slower per mile at any distance than he does. Of course the recovery is easier, quicker. Hey, at least I get to be fast at something, right?

Anyway, my plan is for next Friday or Saturday to do my 24 miler and then make a final decision about GA ING. If it goes rather well then I will sign up for the full and do either a 16 or 20 miler the next week and then a 2 week taper. Come race day, if I am feeling great I will race it; if not, it will just be a super fun dress rehearsal for the Country Music Marathon.

Oh, and Joe has told me--for pretty much the last time he says-to go get a sports massage already. So he gave me a coupon and referral but locals I want to know who you use, what to expect and how much it costs. My plan is to get the massage after my long run and right before I hit the taper so my legs, my calves will be all shiny and perfect to run a marathon.

Oh yeah, last week:
Sunday: 5 mile trail run
Monday: 24 mile bike in an hour 20 at the Greenway
Tuesday: 2 miles and then 18 miles.
Wednesday: 5 mile trail run, 30 minute swim
Thursday: 5 mile run that sucked and hurt. One hour on the bike at the gym for 22 miles hill workout.
Friday: Hour swim. Got called a "machine" by the lady in the lane next to me and she marveled at my technique. Yeah, that made my day.
Saturday: 10k race

Run: 41 miles
Bike: 46 miles
Swim: 3 miles
Off to try out new shoes. . .


  1. Great race, Nat! I'm not buying that "All the ATC runners were else where" argument either!! I'm honestly surprised that you would be concerned about your form. You are such a good runner. I guess in retrospect, I should not be surprised, as we are always trying to tweak and improve!!

    Congrats again!!

  2. Maybe the shoes are the thing! Hope that they make your feet and calves happy. : )

  3. Congratulations Ms Natalie on your 1st place AG finish!

    I didn't know you are still having calf issues...did you wear your compression sleeve on your legs?

    You'll get it next time!

  4. I'm still not happy with my Brooks Adrenalines. I'm curious to hear how your different shoes treat you!

    Congrats on a fabulous race, you really did a good job!

  5. Congrats on the AG win! Had to comment on your two posts, firstly because I hope baby Miranda is doing okay (she has my name!), and also because I too just shelled out the bucks for a pair of Infinitis. I figure shoes named after an expensive car must be pretty good, right? So far so good, anyway.

  6. Wes-I have been slacking on speed and focusing on distance. This race tells me I need to shift gears and I think I am in a good place to do it. Shorter races are a good benchmark to go from IMO.

    Charlie--the calf thing is better but can sometimes be an issue. Still trying to figure it out. The new shoes are great!
    Sarah-give the inifiniti's a spin. They have a lot of spring and cushion and I don't feel like my ankles are at war with them. They are more expensive though. But I don't need a wide in them. They fit perfect.

    Mir--thanks for asking about Miranda. She is doing good but they are insisiting on keeping her in the NICU until Wed. I feel terrible for my brother and Pam having to go home with out her.
    So far loving the infiniti's--trying to look past the purple. Hate the purple.