Saturday, March 01, 2008

Great News, Bad New and eh, Just News

So today I ran the Chatthochee Road Runner's 10k. But that is the "just news" part of the post. No PR, at least I don't think so. Clock at the finish read 44:20something and the guy with the wand who deactivated my chip did it after I crossed the finish and was walking. So what was the point?

I ran without my Garmin because my charger is broken. So ran it blind and unplugged.

And good lord, people, maybe you shouldn't be running that fast if you have to breathe like that and hock up that much crap from your lungs.

That ain't right.

Though I totally appreciated when the gentleman in front of me pointed towards the ground and then spit a big ole lugue. Disgusting but at least I was prepared for it and did wonder if I'd had my ipod on if I'd of noticed his gesture.

I didn't have a great race. My calves were not cooperating. The course has some tiny hills in the first half and is mostly downhill the second half. I was great on the downhill when I didn't have to engage my calves. But downhill courses are a rarity around here so my claves need to get it together--more on this later.

The highlight of the race for me was seeing Fishstick right before mile 4. She yelled out to me "Hi Nat! You look great! You are the best looking one out here! Go Nat!" Or something like that. She said most everyone looked all "doom and gloom" so she started making up cheers: Who loves a 10k? YOU LOVE a 10k! She said her cheers were not met with much fanfare. She's right about the runners out there today-they were all rather dour.

Anyway, great day for a race, easy course-- just wasn't my day. But I think it was Steph's despite being up all night with sick kids and eating Chinese food. I think she ran a PR . . .

And Dani it was great to see you and I hope you had a fantastic race.

The GREAT news part is that I have a new niece! She was born this morning at 3:30 am. So barely clearing being a leap year baby.
Oh, yeah?
Her name?
Miranda Evangeline.
How perfect is that.
She weighs 9lbs, 3 oz. and is 21 inches long.

And this is that bad news part.

I called Pam to congratulate her this morning and she told me that Miranda is in the NICU because of some breathing problems. It really isn't clear what is going on. They are giving her antibiotics as a precaution. Pam said Miranda was grunting and seemed to be having trouble and the nurse told her that some babies had a hard time with the transition from womb to world. It is all rather vague. All I know is that Miranda is in the NICU and Justin and Pam have already endured more pain than any parent should ever have to shoulder. So please, keep them and Miranda in your thoughts and prayers.

And now I must go pick up all the Girl Scout cookies and sort and then spend next week delivering. So that is the other news: The cookies are here.

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