Friday, March 28, 2008

Visited Expo

Went to Expo today with my brother-in-law Wes. He was picking up Pookie's number. We had lots of fun.

Expo is great this year!

If you have kids you should bring them because they have bounce houses and other fun stuff. Wes and I even saw a bar (probably not for kids) but sadly did not partake. We also got lots of great swag. I even bought a new skirt because it had strategically placed pockets and one with, get this, a zipper! I know. It doesn't take much to get me all hot-- just some pockets for GU, dry wick material and a zipper. I made Wes buy Pookie one too. Wes, for a guy-- wait, I'm sorry-- for a straight guy, is really fun to shop with. Thanks for being my escort.

I saw tons of people: Big Peachites who I totally harassed. My friend Dee Dee and all her girlfriends (they are doing the half) and told me about a new restaurant on Holcomb Bridge that not only has tacos (mmm, tacos. . .) but also a mechanical bull on the last Thursday of every month. I am so there! I even met a reader of my blog. I am so sorry I totally spaced on what you said your name was because I was so shocked that people not only read my blog but recognize me from it. Very cool and it definitely made my day and it was super to meet you. Good luck! Heck, good luck to everyone!

And a special thanks to all the people at Big Peach. I know you guys are all working so hard at this Expo and helping make this race come together and most of you are planning on running the half. Well, except for super Kate. She's doing the full. She said she would probably "take it easy and cruise in around 3 hours." Go super Kate!!!! You are awesome. I hope you nab first GA woman and get a cool prize.

And after being downtown and trying to navigate away from the dome and seeing all the damage the tornado did to Atlanta I have made a minor adjustment to my race day outfit:
Good luck, rest up and enjoy the race!


  1. I like the hard hat! :-)

    Kick some butt out there!


  2. Hey Nat -- Joe Reger passed along your blog link to me. Good luck this weekend!!

    The taco place on HB is called "Twisted Taco" and it rocks. Right by our house in Roswell. Definitely worth a visit.

    Run hard!!

  3. Hi! My name is Shannon... I'm running the marathon on Sunday and your postings have totally gotten me more excited for the race!!! Thanks and good luck!

  4. Wow, you are famous!!

    I like how your outfit matches the bib. Very coordinated.

  5. be sure and wear that hard hat! Diana and Amelia are going to the expo today-Diana wants to get a skirt. The ensemble you've put together is fabulous. Lala

  6. Good luck Nat, I too love the outfit. Yes, you will be sweaty, but you will match!