Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Girl in Skirt

Homage to Man in Black. Right. I know. Again, with the Johnny Cash. What can I say? It is good stuff.

Well, you wonder why I always run in skirt.
Why you never see me in shorts and a singlet shirt.
And why does my appearance seem to have a feminine tone?
Well, there's a reason for the skirt that I have on.

I wear the skirt for the slower or injured gals,
Running in the back, behind the faster corrals.
I wear it for the runner who has long tried to qualify
But the cut off times for Boston they never could satisfy.

I wear the skirt for those who've never read
The words Pete Pfitzinger said.
About the road to marathons through tempo and GA runs.
Why, you'd think He's talking straight to Olympians.

Well, I am runnin' okay, I do suppose.
In my streak of personal bests in little skirts.
But just so I'm reminded of those that might be hurt
Up front there ought to be a girl skirt.

I wear it for the men in tempo shorts
And the women who've been chaffed in the sport.
I wear it for the boys chasing from behind
But never want to pass 'cause the view's so divine.

And I wear it for the thousands that will run;
Believing that the Peachtree is lots of fun.
And I wear it for Georgia's Marathon for the thousands that will walk;
Still believing that the hills might have been just talk.

Well, there's races that never will be mine I know.
And Pr's are hard to come by every time I hear a go.
But 'till I see all the girls running in a skirt like they do in tennis.
You'll never see me in a split-leg short at the finish.

Oh, I love to wear a skirt everyday!
And I tell the men who stare, "Hey, it's okay."
Yeah, I know it may not be right but I can't help that I'm a flirt.
So 'till I'm faster (and win), I'm the Girl In Skirt!


  1. I'm going to be humming this all day. Good thing since I'm doing the long swim!

  2. Trying to keep this G rated...had to rewrite this a couple of times. I have no problems with skirts! :-)

  3. Also think you should lay that on a track and put it on your Ipod!

  4. "I wear it for the boys chasing from behind
    But never want to pass 'cause the view's so divine."

    ....guilty as charged....I find a girl that looks to be slightly faster me and use it as motivation.

  5. You look so hot in your skirts! Keep kicking butt in them....it makes the profuse sweating more acceptable!

  6. Have you sent this to Skirt Sport or such? Maybe they will send you free products!

  7. Get over yourself.