Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walking the Line

When I was in 4th grade my best friend Catherine and I use to roam the woods that backed up to our neighborhood. Those woods also backed up to Dodgen Middle School. And in those woods, off the school's back parking lot, were cables strung between some pine trees. There were three, about 3-4 feet off the ground and about 10 feet long.

Catherine and I assumed they were for practicing walking on a tight wire. We imagined that once you got to middle school instead of having to do square dancing you got to learn circus tricks. Obviously this did not prove the case as I went to Dodgen for 6th and 7th grade and we never once used them for anything. We were still doing the same old square dancing and four square crap that we had done in elementary school. I can only assume--since I moved before 8th grade- that maybe it was in 8th grade then that you got learn circus tricks.

At any rate, Catherine and I used the cables to play on and we would pretend--what else? That we were tightrope walkers. I have to admit, we were pretty good. Though sometimes we did use the sticks we balanced with to keep us from falling over.

I think it is unfortunate that we never got to put our tight rope walking skills to use. Not that I am planning on joining the circus--especially after the spectacle I made of myself last Sunday in Yoga. Let's just leave it that I will definitely not be sending my resume to Cirque du Soleil.

Nevertheless, I do find myself walking a thin line-- spanning the tightrope, if you will, between the Georgia ING marathon and the Country Music Marathon while I try to juggle recovery, training and a taper. And yes, absolutely that is a nod Johnny Cash. Now I am not a fan of county music but I do love me some Johnny Cash. Wait I think we need a song break. (I love to run to this song, BTW. The freight train rhythm helps me keep an even pace.)

Alrighty then! I am officially signed up. And I am so excited. Fishstick signed up for the half and my old friend Chris has graciously offered us up his guest room. Not to mention I found a $15 off coupon for the marathon--so how could I not do it? Besides, the one and only time I've been to Nashville I had a blast. It was all just too tempting for me to turn the opportunity down. Also, it should be said that since I am looking for a job my commitment to marathoning in the future is tenuous and is probably going to take some hit once I find said job. So, who knows this could be my last hurrah--I hope not, but you never know. . .

So the Stick and I will be rolling into Nashville on Friday the 25th. We will be eating at Chris's restaurant Germantown Cafe. He has promised me a tasty pre race meal and I encourage everyone who doing the marathon to have your pre race meal here too. Or if you can't make it for dinner Friday go enjoy dinner there Saturday night before the concert. And if you live in Nashville already you better go eat there sometime because the menu looks freaking delicious and I know Chris will take good care of you.

Currently I have no goal for this race. Well, okay that isn't true. I should say my only expectation is to finish but of course my goal is to Pr. I don't expect to but I will definitely aim to.

Last week was a great week. This week? Not so much. I knew I would be tired but I completely underestimated how tired. The fatigue could be due to the ridiculously high record pollen counts we've had this week but certainly that is only partially to blame. I'll admit, maybe I did too much last week. But honestly I am happy with how it went. The way I see it, fatigue is an aspect of hard training. Injury though is another thing. And when you push your body when it should be recovering injury is a very real risk. Luckily, all my week did was make me tired. So this week I recovered ( or am recovering). Considering that this week was the kid's spring break it is better that I pushed the envelop with my body last week since I knew I would not have the time for such training this week. So it is working out. Again, see, with the optimism. Such a bright and shiny spot in the universe am I.

And at CMM in two weeks I will get to found out how well I walked the line. Bring it on!


  1. I work a 12-hour day and find that running keeps me sane...don't worry Nashville will not be your last hurrah!

  2. I can't believe your going to do another marathon this close to the last one. Running a 10k in Oct seems daunting to me, I can't imagine doing 2 marathons within a month of each other. Good luck.

    I saw you're looking for a writing, sales, marketing type position. I have some friends and would be happy to see if they could help. If you want, just send your resume to I'll see what I can do.

  3. Yeah! MS Natalie!

    Nashville here we come!

    When's dinner?


  4. I am going to try to get my friend Stacey to eat with us as well :)


    p.s. home sick with sinus infection.....going to dr. today - I HATE POLLEN! :)