Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring. BREAK!

You know what?

I think I am an optimist.

You know, one of those people who finds the silver lining. Hey! Look. That glass-- that one right there? It is half full.

All I can think is how great it is that I didn't really do much in the way of rest and recovery last week after the marathon.

Because otherwise, this week?

This week would be really frustrating for me if I was all rested and raring to go but couldn't because not only is it spring break for the kids but Atlanta is all decked out in her pretty yellow dress. I posted that picture to try and show you how hazy it is here from the pollen but also because those turtles chilling on that log? That's me.

No worries, I am not a total turtle but my workouts have been slow and way easy. And I think that is okay since I wore my butt out last week and then got myself schooled at yoga on Sunday. So I am welcoming the easy workouts I've been doing this week. Today, for example, I did an easy bike at the Greenway while Lala and the kids played with clay and bird watched:
Truth is that my workouts are easy because in part it is all that I can manage physically. Not to mention, all this pollen makes me sleepy. My first allergy symptom is always fatigue. Next the ball (or rather the snot)will get rolling with a sore throat and not end until I have a sinus infection. Upside is that I always lose weight when I have sinus infection--and the worse the infection the greater the weight loss. See? Silver lining.Optimist. I don't know. I just liked that picture of the ducks. They're a couple. They were sleeping. I took it today on our bird watching hike. I am burnt out on bird watching, by the way. (Wes, I feel for you. Your childhood. I can only imagine . . . Lala referenced your Dad's book a bazillion times.)

Anyway, I am combating the pollen as I am not optimistic about what happens to me once grasses start blooming. I was preemptive and took my first ever Claritan today. Maybe I can avoid the snot after all. Word on the street is that you need to have the allergy meds in place before you get attacked.

So yeah, look at me. All chill on my slacker workouts. Not stressing at all. Really. I'm not. Promise.

Okay, a little but I am not letting it get in the way of fun even if I am not spending spring break at the beach.

Yesterday, I hosted a play date for kids and Mommies. Unfortunately not all my Mommy pals could make it and as it ended up it was as expected- just the "Losers": Memee, DeeDee, me, T, oh and all the littles.
I made Momosas: Champagne, Orange Stoli and a splash of OJ. Bwhahahahaha. . . So everyone had fun! We even invited the husbands to come play when they got done at work. So it was an eight hour play date.
Meme on the electric razor:

Deedee on Carmella's bike:
The kids had lots of fun too as not only did they get play all day with their oldest friends but also because I gave them chocolate and Tara gave them cupcakes:

The rest of this week is going to rain which will be great because it will wash us clean of the pollen but bad because I will have to think up indoor stuff for us to do. Admittedly, I am not so good at the indoor stuff but I thinking maybe it is time they both learn to roller skate. . .

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  1. I really enjoyed the fine film on the lake when I went to swim Wednesday. Tasted good too! Blech!! :-) See, I'm an optimist too!!