Monday, April 07, 2008

The Need to Clarify

I feel from the comments from my last post that there is a need for me to clarify a few things.

First, the cake in question that Carmella turned down was Publix cake. So, can you really blame her? The child has taste buds and is not fooled by bright colored icing. And, for the record, I didn't have any either. Then again, I also don't go so crazy for cake. Now pie, well there is something getting excited about. Especially lemon pie (but not meringue--meringue is gross). . .

And okay, oh boy! Charlie. Chris. Stick. I am excited! I promise to sign up for Country Music Marathon this week. The more I read about this race the more excited I am-- well except the hills. Not too excited about trudging up hills again. But marathons are like a long exercise party. And lord knows I love parties and love me some exercise. I can't wait!

Lastly, I feel I should clarify that the woman I pushed out of the way at ING was NOT the one in this picture. Nor was she that big. That woman in the picture had at least 80lbs on me (I know this because when pregnant with Carmella I gained 60lbs and was no where near that size. Also Ryan weighs 70lbs more than me and is not that size). Besides, no way could have I shoved her out of the way. The girl I shoved out of my way was taller than me but closer to my size. She was just a clueless walker who got in my way at a crtical moment.

And, for what it is worth, I am VERY impressed by that woman in the picture with me. Yes, all those people annoyed me because they were in my way but I knew then that it wasn't their fault. They were trying to finish their race too. It was the race organizers that used poor planning in their finish line logistics fault. That woman impresses me because I remember after I had Carmella and had 30 extra pounds on me how uncomfortable running was for just a few miles. So in my book that woman is one tough chick to get up and out there and run/walk a half marathon. I am ALWAYS impressed by people who have the courage to meet a challenge. Not so impressed by those that sit around and make excuses why they can't-- or worse, criticize those that do have the courage to get up off their butts and do something.

I take serious issue with the people who are mean to me while I am making efforts towards being fitter and healthier. And, if I am being honest, I do suppose I find it a little more annoying when those hateful remarks or actions come from a person who could absolutely benefit from a little exercise themselves.

So just to be clear, NOT a hater of those that struggle with weight issues. Just a hater of people who are ugly to me. I think the world would be a better place if everyone got up off their buttocks and went for a run, bike or swim. And then, coming back to the subject of cake-- you could have it and eat it too.


  1. Just curious, what sort of position are you looking for?

  2. Well, I am looking at a lot of different positions. But ideally I would like to be writing content for marketing materials or websites as that is what I enjoy and find interesting/challenging. However I have been looking at outside sales and QA--per the suggestion of friend who thinks I would be good at it.

  3. what on earth is QA? (questions and answers?) and does outside sales mean literally going outside? (outdoors or outside the box?) Thank you for the comment on the bigger folks exercising. Lala

  4. The answer to our obesity problem: swim, bike, run :-)

  5. I read your post the other day and almost left a note regarding your negative comments about the half-marathoners and slow lady in front of you. Since I don't know you or your personality, I could have read the comment or tone the wrong way and decided to let it go.
    It was nice to see your post today addressing that. Not sure if someone else said something or you just re-read your post and decided to clarify. I'm just glad you did.
    I'm one of those people trying to get back to where I was. 100lbs overweight, 31 down, many to go. Gut too big right now to even run, (afraid I'll hurt something with all that flab bouncing around.) So I'm just walking, biking, lifting and doing basic calestenics right now.
    Anyway, just thought I'd say thanks.

  6. Lala-QA --quality assurance. But you got questions? I got answers!

    Wes: Are you being sarcastic? Because I really do think the answer to the obesity problem is called more exercise, less eating. I well know not everyone is met to be a svelte size 6 or for men wear a 32 in waist but everyone in the world can benefit from exercise and not over eating. Sounds simple but I know it isn't easy.

    Joe, I sincerely apologize if I originally offended you. After I wrote/posted it I realized that it could be construed that way. And then the comment about the lady in the car, well I just felt it was all spiraling towards being seen that I am prejudiced against those who have weight issues.

    As someone who definitley has to work and work hard to not gain weight I am definitely emphathetic in the "battle of the buldge".

    And FWIW I have many friends who it takes the time it takes me to run a full marathon to run a half. I am proud of everyone who goes out and tries-- time is inconsequential(well except when you are trying to meet a specific time)--we are all just putting one foot in front of the other. I am not superior just because I may run the same distance faster. Trust me, running a half marathon in 2 hrs was as hard as it was running one in an hour 37. Just cause you get faster doesn't mean it gets easier. 13.1 miles is still 13.1 miles.

    Honestly I am more impressed by a person who is overweight and goes out and runs/walks a marathon and it takes them 7 hours.No doubt that was a harder effort on their body than the 3.5 hrs it took me. But mostly I am impressed because I don't know if I could do that. The only reason I ever even attmepted a marathon is because I knew it wouldn't take me much more than 4 hours. I think running for 2-3 hours is pretty hard so being out there for 4,5,6, 7 hours is just amazing to me.

    And btw, congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! I wish you more sucess and great health.

  7. No offense taken by me. Almost 10 yrs in the Navy, it takes a lot to 'offend' me.

    I'm just glad to get off my sorry butt finally and do something about it. Complacency and laziness are horrible things. Combine them and a huge appetite, you get me. :)

    Glad for the chat. Maybe someday I'll actually get out there on a half-marathon and you can shove me out of the way. Actually, I'll probably be on a stretcher by the end,,,so the shoving won't be necessary. :)

  8. Thanks for that post. It's nice to see, though I certainly didn't get an impression that you were negative towards people who weigh more at all. For me, I think people should focus on health more than anything and would never judge on appearance. (Except for myself, but that's a tougher one.)

    And the cake thing!
    I can't blame her with any cake! There are very few varieties of cake that are worth eating, and even those are not hugely tempting most the time... now, if it had been icecream or brownies or homebaked cookies....

  9. For the record, my comment on the last post was based on people who are rude/oblivious to those around them. But still, after this post, I feel a bit like a schmuck...

    Please don't judge me!!!

  10. I like all kinds of cake, even Publix cake! I will eat all her cakes discards whenever she likes!