Saturday, April 05, 2008

On Being Odd

Yesterday I took Carmella to a classmate's birthday party. Usually, at her age, you drop them off but the place for the party was too far for me to drive back home. So I just hung out.

When it came time for cake I could see Carmella was anxious and uncomfortable. I went over to her and she said ever so quietly, " Mommy, I don't want any cake."

Carmella does not like cake. Carmella also hates to be rude or draw attention to herself. I assured her it was fine for her not to eat the cake and just say no thank you.

She still looked upset at the prospect of having to say anything negative so I asked her if she wanted me to say something for her. She nodded and seemed quite relieved. There was another anxious minute when someone else tried to force cake on her but she politely said no thank you and a crisis was averted.

So Carmella had no cake and nothing terrible happened. I could see her physically relax once the whole cake thing was over and they got to go play again.

After the party was over and we were in the car Carmella confided that " Mommy I don't like being odd."

I froze and I thought; Oh my God she knows that she is weird.

But then Carmella said " I really liked it better when I was even. You know, like when I was six. It is going to take so long for me to be eight. I just don't like being odd."

In other odd news I have felt really pretty darn great since the marathon. I am seriously considering the Country Music Marathon at the end of the month and have pretty much started training for it. So here is how my "recovery" week has gone. Yes, I know I am being naughty and I am sure I will feel terrible next week. But hey, I felt strong this week so I took advantage of it.
Sunday: marathon

Monday: 4 miles on the treadmill. Walked for 2 minutes and then bumped the pace to 6mph and climbed the ladder to 7.5 mph until the 3.1 mark and then climbed down. Came in just under 37 minutes.

Tuesday: Pretty day so Lola and I ran the 3.1 loop at Columns on the trail. In the afternoon I hit the pool and swam 30 minutes. Swim felt amazing.

Wednesday: Beautiful day and was so bummed Steph couldn't ride. I hit the Greenway with my bike. I rode out to Webb Bridge and then rode over to Tara's to say hello. While in a bike lane on Webb Bridge some horrible woman rolled down her window and yelled at me to "Get on the sidewalk!" We exchanged finger gestures. Somehow she missed this sign:
And trust me, not to be ugly but . . . if ever there was someone who could have benefited from a little time on the bike it was this woman. That is all I am saying.

Anyway, after stopping by T's I rode back to the trail and did a 1.5 loops. Guessing mileage for the day was around 31 miles.

Thursday: Woke up feeling really good. Decided it was time to hit the hills. Did 10 miles at a moderate pace on my hilly loop. All good. Happily, no complaints from the calves or the quads.

Friday: 6 miles on the hills recovery.

Saturday: Bit hungover this morning because I enjoyed some cocktails here last night. Waited out the rain. Finally it cleared up and I got in 14 miles. Nothing fast but I ran a consistent pace. Would have been perfect at 12 miles but I still managed.

So the "odd" totals are:
Running: 63 miles--remember 26.2 of those were the marathon so not really a true big mileage week.
Bike: 31 miles
Swim: 1 mile

One last odd tibit: Thank you to Dusty and Jason and everyone who helped me get my resume together and for all the great advice/support/direction as I look for a job. I also really appreciate every one's well wishes at my interview this week. I was called back for a second interview and offered a position. Unfortunately I will be turning it down. It is an outsides sales position that is commission based only. While I would love to do outside sales (though, ideal is writing marketing content)and have no problem with commission--as I think I can sell the heck out of anything--I do need something with benefits and some sort of base. I mean, I think, having one income (read small business owner) that is pretty much commissioned based is enough for one household. So still looking.

Oh, and as always, thanks for reading and indulging my self absorption.


  1. Thanks for defending the rest of us from "She who should be Cycling" :-)

  2. Carmella dosen't take after her Grandmother when it comes to cake

  3.'s always the obese motorists I have problems with too.

    Perhaps jealousy and a low self worth comes into play with them. Who knows.

  4. I don't know who that other "anonymous" was but this "anonymous" is totally amazed that anyone, especially my granddaughter, could not like cake. Lala (I think Marie really had it right-all those angry French people would have just settled right down if someone had made them all a great big cake)

  5. You said, "63 miles--remember 26.2 of those were the marathon so not really a true big mileage week" WHAT!!! Of course those 26.2 miles count for a big mileage need to take it easy next week or you're going to implode!! Gosh almighty you are one strong runner!!!!!

  6. Aww! That is too cute, what Carmella said.

    Oh my gosh, I can't believe someone said that on Webb Bridge! Where there's bike lanes! How stupid do you have to be? I mean, ignorance would be not knowing bikes belong on the road-- but the bike lanes there should be a clue.

  7. First of all, adorable! I could care less about cake, either. Now, if it was a savory cake...

    Glad to hear about the job decision. Smart move, keep looking.

    CMM? Bring it!

    You think that it was the same "proportionately challenged" woman that you pushed out of your way at the ING? Maybe that is what made her bitter...

  8. Hi Ms Natalie,

    Cake...I can take it or leave ice cream I can't resist!

    Awesome miles! 63 miles!...I wish I could do that many miles even with a marathon thrown in. You know you're suppose to give your body some rest after a marathon...especially after a marathon like ING!

    Yup...Bring on CMM! (I'm registered! ;-) Let's go!)