Monday, May 12, 2008


Ugh. I have not had this much of problem with my asthma since I was 18. So far my allergies are okay but then I will have moments where I have reaction to whatever is blooming and am totally miserable for hours. Yesterday was one such day.

All last week I was fine. I did use my inhaler before the Mayor's ride just as a preemptive measure but have had no allergy or asthma symptoms otherwise. My sinuses are clear, no post nasal drip choking me in the night, no itchy red eyes, no coughing or wheezing while exercising--nothing.

Yesterday Ryan and I went to the Greenway trail to ride our bikes. Around the 6th mile I started coughing and felt like I had something stuck in my throat. But I drank some water and felt fine. By the time we reached the trail head my eyes felt like they had dust in them and were itching like crazy. Even still I told Ryan I was going to do another 12 mile loop. I made it to the 1.5 mile marker and was wheezing, coughing, and choking on the mucus that was dripping from my sinuses down my throat.
I turned back and coughed and wheezed my way to the car hoping that my inhaler was in there. Luckily it was and while relief was not instantaneous I did feel much better. After about 30 minutes I no longer felt short of breath and my eyes were not itching.

However, later when we were sitting outside at Bubbles for our Mother's day BBQ I felt the tightness and coughing coming on. Again, another hit on my inhaler and I was fine.

I feel totally fine today--little tired--but otherwise fine. However, I am hesitant about what sort of workout to do. It is so nice out so I would love to ride my bike or go for a longish run. But I am starting to get a little freaked about by allergies.

The last time I had an allergy induced asthma attack was 6 years ago on vacation in the Hamptoms. I saw a Pulmonologist when I returned and he said he could see no evidence of asthma or decreased lung function. He did give me an inhaler. Which I never had to use. Lucky, I guess, this past December when I had bronchitis that doctor prescribed me a new one.

So I don't know what I am going to do. I am hesitant to shell out the bucks for a specialist (high copay for it) to just be told what I already know. But on the other hand I don't like dealing this. So what I really want is for it to not be a problem. I guess I am going to wait out the grass season and see if it gets better/worse and go from there.

So last week's workouts:
Sunday; 40 mile bike ride (Mayor's Ride).

Monday: Shelled. Took kids to the aquatic center and gave them a swim lesson. Then Beau and I walked for 40 minutes while Carmella was at clay class.

Tuesday: 11 mile progressive run at the Greenway (read flat). Total time came out at just under an 8 minute mile and that includes the water stops so was probably closer to a 7:30 mile average. Lola did not love this run as it got way hot.

Wednesday: 35+ mile bike ride with Steph and Doug. I tried really hard to keep up with Doug but couldn't. At least Steph is as slow as me. either that or she was being very considerate of my ego.

Thursday: Had wanted to go 14ish miles but it got hot and I just wasn't up for it so cut it short at 9 miles.

Friday: 10 mile general aerobic run on the hilly route.

Saturday: 10 mile run; 3 rolling hill miles on the road, then 5 on the Leita Thompson Trail, then 2 easy home.

Sunday: 15 mile asthmatic ride. Very annoying because I hardly broke a sweat but still thought I was dying.

Totals for last week:

Bike: 75 miles
Run: 40 miles
Walking: 2 + miles


  1. 2 things: (1) you need to log your workouts on BT so you can have cool graphs and so I can send you inspires, (2) it may be that your wheezing is a virus because I have it too. Every time I laugh, I get a wheeze like an 85 year-old smoker and have to hack some phlegm up before I can breathe again.

  2. Okay,
    1 have put my workouts on BT and have not made good use of all the cool graphs because my times are guesstimates.
    I don't think it is virus since I feel fine most of the time. Yesterday it was definitely an allergic reaction. It is really windy here so I think it is kicking stuff up. I just got back from a thwarted run. Just tired and my lungs felt tight--so I just walked.

    I am sad you are the week and I can't ride bike with you but I do hope you guys are having fun. I'm gonna be all jealous because you are going to have tan feet and no sports bra tan.

  3. Hi Ms Natalie,
    My two cents...if your not sneezing with itchy eyes then it's probably asthma. Exercise induced asthma is not uncommon and the spring blooming things might be just compounding the problem.

    Great job on getting your 40 miles running.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Good morning Nat,
    I loved the pics of the eyebrow lift. I have been trying to master that little gem forever, but can't seem to get it.
    Listen, I was reading some of your older entries the other day, and I think(I think!) you wrote a post about having a new lover and its name was garmin.....I laughed so hard at that. I wanted to share it with a girlfriend,(by directing her to your blog) but now, I can not find it! That was you who wrote that, right? Where is it? Do you remember? What month? Help! :)