Monday, May 19, 2008

Beauhawk: Crazy Hair Day, again.

He's Beau. His hair is crazy. All the time.

So technically we didn't have to even do anything but you know Beau. When there is an opportunity to take something up a notch he turns the volume up. Way up. This was a last minute, finish your breakfast and I'll do your hair do.

Side view:
Beau was very specific. He wanted a mohawk--which he calls Ho hawk--but I just didn't have enough product to do that.

There use to be this guy in high school. Dan. I had super secret crush on him (super secret because I had a boyfriend and because I was totally not Dan's type anyway. But we were school friends). He was in a band. He was punk rock. I was most definitely not. He even once told me I had the curviest legs he had ever seen. He did not say this as a compliment or as a come on but rather said it like he was marveling at something bizarre. He made it sound like I was a complete freak because I had muscular legs. Dan did not have muscular legs. He was just skinny.

Anyway, Dan had an amazing fish fin mohawk. It was tall: a piece de resistance. He had to use A LOT of hairspray. I know this because Dan and I had talked hairspray. I had big hair too--not cool tall hair like Dan's-- but he could tell I had special knowledge about hairspray that could hold.

These days I never use hairspray so I couldn't do Beau's hair like Dan's (he had told me how he did his hair: eggwhites and hairspray.) Hence all the rubber bands.

In even more boring news here is the breakdown of last week:

Sunday: 15 miles on the bike at the Greenway. Had an asthma flare up and had to cut it short.

Monday: Still struggling with the asthma and just walked for 3 miles.

Tuesday: Optimisitcally thought I could do 16 miles. Had to use my inhaler and struggled a run/walk for 5 miles. Disappointing.

Wednesday: Got on the Claritan train. Ran 5 hard miles, 2 on the Leita trail. Raced some guy who didn't know we were racing. I kicked his ass.

Thursday: Still riding the Claritan train and got in 17 miles on rolling hills at an 8:20 something pace. Very happy.

Friday: 12 miles in an hour 37 at the Greenway trail. Then hopped on the bike for 20 miles for 70 minutes. Again, happy with day's workout.
Saturday: 7 miles on rolling hills at a general aerobic pace. 2 miles were on the Leita trail.

Bike: 35 miles
Run: 46 miles
Walking: 3 miles

Sunday: Legs were dead. Had that tight calf, cramped calf issue flare up again. I walked/ran and did 4 miles in 41 minutes. Whatever.

Monday: Bit of foot tendinitis rearing it's head. Legs are clearly not up for running so I hit the bike. Bummed that Steph couldn't join me. I hit the Greenway again. I did 52 miles at just under a 17 mph pace. I could have kept going but I ran out of time. It was a nice ride and gives me optimism that maybe I can probably do a half ironman. I'd still like to do a 100 mile ride or 2 before I attempt a half iron. I want 56 miles to feel like nothing.


  1. Ummm. Nat? Don't you already HAVE a daughter? LOL!!

    I never rode more than 56 miles before my half. If you want to do a couple of centuries, go for it :-)

    Thanks for the good vibes before the race! I do appreciate it!!

  2. I love his hair, made me laugh out loud. It's funny how opposite your children are; I know you have posted before about Carmella's reluctance to do anything crazy. Beau has all that and more!

  3. Poor Guy! Can't believe you did that to him. :| Give him a real mohawk!

  4. Bitch! Step off my crush. . . I told you i had a crush on him ages ago, which means by girl code, I called it first. sigh. Wonder what happened to that dude.

  5. Wes, he can't help it that he is pretty. But yes, some kids at school told him he looked like a girl and he was mad. He made up for it with bad behavior by flinging the rubberbands at them during nap. Sigh.
    Congrats on a race well done.

    Dorothy, I find it quite funny how opposite they are. I swear I think they do it on purpose. If I ask what they want mo matter what it is they never say the same thing.

    Charlie, we may do a faux hawk for summer. Depends if the cute curls come back or not. If not he can do whatever. But you know I hate to send him to kindergarten with a badass haircut.Beau will feel the need to live up to it.

    Anne, I remember that you said you had a crush on him too. But it doesn't change that I did too and if yours was super secret too how could I have known back then? BTW, when was yours? Mine was junior year.
    Maybe we should reveal all our super secret crushes so we don't have an issues later on. I don't know what happened to him. I think he may have moved our senior year?? He called me over the summer before our senior year while I was in the hospital but then I don't remember talking to him again. I do kind of remember where he use to live--neighborhood, not house. We could go do some drivebys and be all stalker like. You know something to do.

  6. if any of you Nat blog readers knew Nat's brother then you'd see that siblings as unalike as possible runs in our family.

    Nat-leave Beau's hair alone!


  7. I'll admit, it took me a couple of looks to figure out if that was Beau.

  8. That punk rocker is probably bald and is an accountant now.

    Your last Thursday workout was fantastic! 17 miles on rolling hills at 8:20 pace would make me very happy too!!!

  9. im so ashamed...that is not a mohawk...i could have helped!-pookie

  10. wow. your workouts are something to aspire to. im impressed and motivated.