Sunday, May 18, 2008

So Chris, I Checked the Rule Book

And first rule of Cuddle Club is not don't talk about cuddle club.

I wasn't sure so I managed to get my hands on the rule book. I am sure this is all top secret but my thinking is that since Carmella left it in her backpack--which I check everyday--that she wanted me to post it on my blog.
Apparently, in case you can't read what it says below is that:
Friends are friends forever even if there is a new one in the club.
Earlier last week there was some very serious drama that went down between Reina and Nazneen. They were no longer friends. Even though, as revealed to me by Carmella, that they have been friends forever--like, you know, since preschool. I told Carmella she better get that crap cleared up before the sleepover because I don't do girl drama. So she made the above rule and everyone loves each other again.
It also says that small kids are allowed in the club only if they are 5 and 6. Oh, and that the team colors are green and blue. Which totally explains why Carmella's favorite color is now green.

In another covenant it is revealed that only 6 people can be in the club. Katherine and Katriana are also members. Not sure what is going to happen on Monday when they find out they were not invited to the sleepover. I am certainly sorry for any injured feelings but 4 little girls was all I could handle. I am thinking with 6 things might have gone to fisticuffs.
This is the final page"

Just to be clear:
Great people are nice.
No hitting.
Be a nice friend.
To be exceptional. (that last one I needed help translating.)

Carmella is totally going to hate me when she is 13 and I post pictures from her diary.

After the sleepover it has been determined-- at least by me--that The Cuddle Club is exactly like all the other girl clubs with the drama and bossiness and silliness but hey, at least their intentions are in the right place. However, for now, all the little girls loved me taking their pictures as they kept bringing me my camera so I could photograph them. I didn't even have to ask them to pose. They seemed to totally know how to strike one naturally.

So I don't know when the next cuddle club sleepover is going to be but it isn't going to be anytime soon. Though Carmella, yesterday, kept lamenting that she wanted to have her friends stay All Day!

You are out of your mind child.

Did I mention that they didn't go to sleep until after 11pm and only after I made threats of separating them? (And yes, I was like , Geez, whose Mom use to say that?)Then they got up at 6:45 and ate like 500 pop tarts and wanted to go outside and play.

So yeah, I am exhausted! I did a 7 mile run yesterday morning and I felt half asleep the whole time. Cuddle Club is messing with my workouts and that? That is a problem.

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