Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bike Race Today!

Today is the Historic Roswell Criterium. We love this race. By we I mean my family. And today we are all going to be out--with a bunch of friends--cheering on my brother-in-law Wes and his team Pacesetter Steel.

And Colby, don't worry we'll cheer for you too. Wes was talking some smack last night. Something about getting schooled and riding a bus??? After the race you boys can have a showdown at Lala's.

The kids yesterday asked if I was racing. And I told them no way. Why not? They wanted know. Because I would lose and lose bad and probably get hurt.

But I am doing the Mayor's Ride this morning. I am planning on the 40 miles option but I'll just see how it goes. I am a little tired. If everyone is way faster I may step it down to the 20.

So last week was this:

Sunday: Despite running a marathon the day before and attempting a drinking marathon the night before I felt pretty good. I got in a 4 mile run in just under 31 minutes. I must qualify that with it was totally flat. After finishing the run I was noticeably congested. I thought for certain I would have chest cold the next day.

Monday: I was more tired but ran 6 on hills very slow. Ha. Probably at the pace I ran the marathon. A 9:10 pace is usually recovery pace for me. So yeah, I ran Country Music Marathon at least 20 seconds if not 40 seconds slower than I do my long runs. Mmm, don't think it is suppose to work that way. . . Got home from run and I was wheezing. Found my inhaler and was better.

Tuesday: I felt much better so I did 10 miles on rolling hills. No idea about pace but was faster than the day before and my wheezing was less. Still hit the inhaler when I got home.

Wednesday: Yeah! Bike day! Rode to meet Steph at her girls' school and we did our regular route. I started feeling short of breath about 15 miles in. I asked Steph if she could hear me wheezing. Yup. Kept on anyway but I really started dragging and had to turn back. Steph was cool about it but of course I felt guilty. Nobody is going to want to ride/run with me if I keep falling apart.

Still managed about 33 miles for the day. Albeit a very slooowwww 33 miles. Made out with my inhaler for the rest of the day. Spring? Love it. Ugh.

Thursday: Totally dead. Short of breath. And just plain tired. Cleaned the house and went on a thirty minute walk. Hit the inhaler several times.

Friday: Made myself go to the gym. Thought about swimming but with all my breathing issues lately I didn't really feel like struggling. So I ran on the treadmill. Negative split run that I started out walking. First 2 miles came in at 17:04. Last 2 miles came in at 14:08. 31 minutes 12 seconds. Walked/jogged to 1/4 mile point for cool down. I felt all kinds of terrible.

I ran into my buddy Mike and hopped on the elliptical while we caught up. I was so short of breath it was hard talking and I was barely moving on the elliptical. But I wasn't wheezing. Don't know what is up.

Saturday: Was going to try to sneak in a run before the rain but it didn't work. However rain cleared up and must have washed the pollen away. I got in a very nice 10 mile run on my rolling hill course. I did walk a bit up the second to last hill because I didn't feel like pushing. Not to mention Lola was dragging. 60 degrees feel great to me but not so cool for a Husky.

Running: 34 miles
Cycling: 33 miles
Walking: 2 miles

Anyway, if you got nothing to do today come out the race and show the cycling community your support.


  1. I didn't mind a bit about turning around. Any bike is better than no bike - and I had my running shoes in the car so I did a little brick. : )

    You might want to have a dr look at your lungs if you aren't 100% next week. Yes, allergies, but it's not like you to be short of breath. Ever.

  2. Hey Nat,
    Was a cool coincidence to see you again on this ride. Hope you and your family enjoyed the races. Looked for you all during the pro men's race but you must have moved. How did your rider do?

  3. Hey Speedy. Working on getting up my posts from Sunday's festivities. We didn't stay for Pro. My brother in law raced the Cat 1/2 and then did a few laps of the Pro race to support his team mates.