Monday, May 05, 2008

The Breakaway Party:Bikes, Boil and Baseball

Yesterday was such an amazing day! I can't believe how awesome and fun it was--not to mention the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Seriously when do I get to have perfect weather on a day I plan a party?

Last weekend, driving home from Nashville Stick and I called Pookie to make her promise she would come next year and run Country Music Marathon because we had such a blast. After she promised-- even if it is the same day as the Twilight Crit again-- we decided we needed to have a party after the Roswell Crit. We all agreed that Lala's house would be perfect. I called Lala and asked if it was okay. Lala was quite obliging.

Fishstick even responded for her and Mr. Stick (Bump) and her parents (Mincemeat and Rae) before I got the Evite out.

The plan was about 20 or so of our nearest and dearest to come watch the race, yell for Wes and the Pacesetter Steel team and then off to Lala's for a low country boil. Later I threw in yard games.

We had so much fun! No long exposition. But I know those in attendance want to see what pictures I got. Sorry they are so blurry. I thought at the time it was from the 420 but now I think it was just I had the camera on the wrong setting. Everyone was running around and the light was low. But boy what a great time was had by all!

Thanks Lala and Pop for letting us have a party at your house. By the way, this is what you get for having the spread that you have. It is, as Tara said "Lala land". I am perfectly willing to trade houses anytime you want. . .

Stephan shooting off one of the flyers with Max, Beau and Lala in the background.
Tara and Meme

Ellie and the now very skinny Kitty Boy Thor.


Ryan getting blown away by Fishstick's frito breath. Or wait, is it something else?

Side walk chalk fun with Rebecca, Livi, Carmella and Pat.

Mincemeat taking the kids for a spin in the wagon. Lala really wants a ride too.

Colby showing off his big bad race boo boo made all better with the Scooby Doo bandaids Lala patched him up with.

Me and Bubbles. Hmmm, can you tell who has the Italian heritage and who's got the Irish?

Cobly and Bump posturing with their rides. (Hey Bump, you know how I know you are gay???)

Ryan on Beau's bike with the cooler. I don't know why. I think he didn't want to share his beer.

Me after Colby and I took the mountain bikes out for a spin but quickly came back since we decided that 420 + no helmet= nothing good. Though Colby did comment that since he did only make it 4 laps in the crit that he really hadn't got his workout in. . .

Pookie on Townie

Hey Dusty, I caught Stephan copping a feel on your wife!

Max, Livi and Carmella playing in the fountain. Psst, Pop, they put rocks in it again. . .

Beau spent a lot of time pulling Ellie in the wagon. He has asked me several times for a little sister so I am glad Chase lets him borrow his. Cause me? I'm done.
Let's Play Ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colby running for first.

Goooooo T-bone!

Carmella at bat!

Little Pat at bat with Stephan helping and Carmella encouraging.

Rae knocking it (and herself) out of the marrying meadow.
And bringing it home!

Dee Dee at bat. She smacked it! It is all that tennis.

First base was really covered.

Steph helps Beau set it up.
He runs for it.
He is safe!

Livi, late for the game.
Thanks Pop and Lala for such a fun evening and yummy food and drink. Can we please do it again next year or, even better, next weekend?

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