Monday, May 05, 2008

Historic Roswell Criterium 2008

After I got cleaned up from my ride we packed the car, kids and dog headed to the Roswell Crit. We got there at the end of-- I think--the cat 3 group. Next up was Wes.

Here he is after his race:

I think it was Chris or maybe Darin who told him he needed to race with the pros. To support Tyler--or something like that. I'm not sure how all that works. Tyler, btw, told me my blog was boring. Nevertheless I will refrain from making fun of him even though it would be really easy since he wears all that spandex and compression tights.

Really, I can't help it that my blog is boring. I am a self involved, suburban, stay at home mom that runs marathons, swims and rides her bike. Really, I think you are expecting too much.

Okay, moving on.

Crits are always very exciting to watch and this year there was even a wreck--pretty early on, like the 4th or so lap. I had stopped to snap a picture and then was walking back down the sidewalk when I heard the pile up right behind me. I didn't take a picture of it because I was worried Wes might have been in it. He was luckily in the lead pack and missed it. Colby wasn't so lucky though and while okay was out of the race.

However I didn't know he was out. So when the riders would come around I would yell "Go Colby!" Then qualify it with," If you're in there. Never mind if you are not! Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!" I yelled a lot for Wes and I think he really appreciated it because he was leading with 5 laps to go and then quit.

In his defense he has been sick this past week with the flu.

So here are my pictures I took at the crit with my camera phone. I really couldn't tell what I was taking a picture of so it was all a bit of a surprise what I caught.

This is the corner at Norcross and Canton Street. I think that is Wes in the back. If not it is someone from his team in the black.

This is Wes on Canton Street. #293.

Wes and Darin. I think Darin got 3rd! Yeah Darin.

I don't know.

Again, I don't know. Some guys on a bike. In spandex. They all look the same to me and they are zipping by at 35 mph. Just a suggestion but maybe if you put a little flag or something on your bike or helmet.

We stayed and watched the girls race and yelled for Sarah and Wes's friend Lee who I have met a few times. Not sure how she did.

We left right when the pros started. Wes hung for a few laps and then everyone went to Lala and Pop's for the low country boil.


  1. Very good photos of race and the after-party. I'm sorry we missed. You know that we just can't hang.

    Oh, and you gave me your wheeze. Either that or the pollen is getting me too.

  2. Your blog is not boring. It's personal, so it's obviously not going to appeal to everyone. Keep it up, if for no other reason than it will always be a wonderful chronicle of your athletic, family and social life.