Monday, May 05, 2008

Mayor's Ride

As previously mentioned I did the Roswell's Mayor Ride Sunday Morning. As it turned out the route is pretty much what Steph and I regularly ride--we just do it all mixed up and don't usually do the whole 40 but sometimes we do. So it was both nice that I was comfortable with the route but disappointing because it was nothing new-- as I not only bike the route but I also run it (of course not the whole 40 miles at once though). But having grown up in Roswell I really don't know what I was expecting. I can navigate the area with my eyes closed at this point.

And I worry too much.

It is because I am runner.

I have come to realize that cyclists are a lot more laid back than runners. You know that if I asked 3 random runners before a marathon about the course more likely than not they could accurately answer any of my questions having studied all the nuances of elevations and mile splits and aid stations. Cyclists on the other hand, while they may have a map or cue sheet, are really quite uniformed by comparison. Cyclists. They seem so . . . unconcerned. And I really think it has to do with 2 things: The first is, of course, the spandex. The second is that they just really don't care because why else would they get on bike and ride in traffic? The only thing that matters to them is to not get hit (and I've even seen some that this isn't all that important for either.) All the other details are really just not so important. Ride where? When? Doesn't matter. . .

At the ride start my questions of when we started, how the ride was broken up, was there a sag wagon, were there potty breaks, was there police escorts for the whole ride etc were pretty much met with "I don't know." Either no one really knew or they just didn't want to tell me. I even asked these questions to people I thought were in on the coordinating of the ride but even they weren't sure the of the whats, wheres and whens. For the most part I wasn't so concerned since I know the area extremely well but I am sure for those that didn't it could be a bit unnerving. Getting lost was never an issue for me. Having to ride alone was.

The ride was suppose to start at 8 but we started much later than 8. How much later--I have no idea but I know I got the ride start about 20 til eight. In that time I managed to: park, put on lipstick, put on my gear, lock up my car, ride down to registration, run into Steph and Dagny, chat, pee, and pick up my goodies bag. Then ride back and put it back in my car and ride over to where Steph said she was parked. Chat with Doug and Annika. Pee. Ride down to the Roswell Bikes Tent. Chat with James and have him oil/check my gears. Run into Barbie and her friend. Chat. Then pee (yes, again). Get lined up and eavesdrop on some triathletes. Quickly get bored of their "Oh! You look like a runner. No you do! Well, looks are deceiving . . ." conversation, and because we still weren't starting I go back to the Roswell Bike tent and chat with James some more. Then Mayor Wood is talking --blah blah bikes blah blah blah--I have no idea what you are saying because you are talking through a bullhorn. And then, finally, we are off.

And yes, I have to pee. Again.

And that is all I can think about for about the first 15 miles. And you know the whole time I am cursing that damn waiter from the Mexican restaurant the night before for not putting the salt on my margarita. I swear, at this restaurant, you always run the risk of if you specifically ask for something you will get the exact opposite. (But I am too worried to try asking for what I don't want. That just seems crazy.) So for example, I ask for a "a margarita with salt." And I will get a margarita with no salt. And then when I order a Negro Modelo with a lime and a mug I just get a bottle of beer. I could push it and ask for the lime but that mug I am definitely not getting. Even if I ask 3 times.

Anyway, my body didn't get its extra salt so it had no idea that it was suppose to retain water. Especially since I am not Pmsing. Sigh. I'll just eat salt straight from now on.

The first part of the ride took us around the Crit course. And as much as I tried I know I got no where close to the speeds they clock. And it had nothing to do with the crowd. Then we rode around the square and down Atlanta street--which by the way you will never see me riding on without a police escort-- and then down Oxbo. Then we had to climb that hill up Grimes Bridge. I have no issues with hill climbing since I am so proficient on down hill breaking and often start up a hill with zero momentum but I could see that this hill was not easy for many.

Then we had a big downhill to the river and at the bottom of the hill we hit torn up pavement. This did nothing good for my full bladder. The road is about to be repaved so it is in the "just been scored" stage. I felt like I was in a blender.

The next few miles were flat and down by the river, then up Eve's road and up and down in Martin's Landing and then back out on the scored road. And then much to my relief there was a potty break. Holy Moly! Praise Jesus for all that bike padding.

I had no idea that there would be snacks too! Honestly I am amazed at how much food people eat for a 40 mile ride. I'm not complaining and I did bring stuff but as it was I didn't finish either my 20oz Gatorade or 20oz water. I also didn't finish my Cliff bar. But I am even more terrible at fueling on the bike than I am on the run.

After the potty break I met a girl named Deanne. We seemed to keep pace pretty well with each other and by this point I realized I knew the route we would be taking. There were still police at every intersection and we could easily ride 2 abreast and chat. And chat Deanne and I did.

I was happy that we hit the hills in Wild Wood Spring the way we did. It is much easier that way than the way Steph and I go. In the Edenwilde neighborhood there was another break area but neither Deanne nor I stopped.

The group we were following missed the turn at Saddlebrook which confused me and I called out to them to see if we were suppose to turn. We all turned back and at this point I ran into Speedy who I had met at the Ride to the Capital a few months ago. He and I chatted the rest of the ride and he tried to convince me to hang for the full 65 mile. Another day I promised him and we parted ways when we got to the end of the 40 mile route.

I decided to go see what was going on down at the Crit and see what I scope out for potential seating and if Wes was there yet before driving home. After wasting my time going around the course (on my bike! One foot clipped in scootering with the other) on the sidewalk I finally texted Wes who informed me that he was still at home. Around this time I ran into Speedy and his group and they had gotten lost on the 65 loop. I told them where I thought it went but having never actually ridden it I couldn't say for sure. I think they wisely decided on beer rather than ride. Seriously next time I will be up for a longer ride.

So it was almost noon and I had told Ryan I would be back by then so I went back to my car and then suffered low blood sugar while I stopped at Publix to get lunch. I hate everyone when I am hungry. Mean as a snake I tell you.

I inhaled my lunch when I got home, showered and rushed off to the crit . . .


  1. Ah, darn it! I should have parked and actually gone up to the start... I didn't see anyone but apparently that 's because y'all were even later starting than I supposed-- I assumed everyone was gone already when I saw no cyclists lined up!

  2. Good stuff except reading it made me need to pee...

  3. I'm glad that you had a good time on this ride. Next year, maybe I'll get to do that one.

    No joke, you fuel badly on the bike! I was about to fall out at mile 30 today and I had WAY more calories than you.