Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Cuddle Club

I know.

My mind went the way of the dirty side of a double entendre too.

But, you know, that is just yet another example of "where does she come from?"

Right, not me.


Alternative post title I suppose is: The Good Girl Club And My Mommy Was Never In It.

I kid.

I wasn't a bad girl.


I have never been arrested and only got detention once because I was chewing gum in Spanish class. You could chew gum in every class but Spanish class (I mean I could chew gum in Latin so it wasn't a foreign language thing; just a Spanish class thing). I had forgot I had the gum. So I got busted. It was embarrassing. I mean if I am going to get in trouble it isn't going to be for something dumb like chewing gum. If it matters the teacher rescinded the detention because he didn't want to have to stay after. So technically, I have never actually had detention.

But nevertheless, I definitely wasn't a good girl either. Oh, but I have lots of friends who are good girls--Tara, Steph, Meme, Mel--if that counts.

I guess you could say I was in the Pot Stirring Shenanigans Club.
Yes, Beau is a member of this club too.

And yes, we know where he comes from.

On Saturday when I picked Carmella up from her sleep over and I mentioned that she should have an end of the year sleep over with a few friends. Her eyes got all big and dreamy and she said "Oh yes! We could have the Cuddle Club!"

Me: I'm sorry, the what club?
My mind flashed to that day where Dee Dee (fellow Pot Stirrer club member) and I sat in the Barnes Noble kids section reading to Max and Carmella. And how we could not stop giggling about the line in The Runaway Bunny where the Mommy bunny says something like "I'll be the wind and blow you. . ." And I won't even tell you which line from The Owl and The Pussycat that we laughed so hard we almost wet our pants.

Carmella further explains: The Cuddle Club. It is me, Ashton, Reina, and Nazneen. We are good girls.

Me: Uhm, so what do you do in this club-- cuddle and hug each other?

Carmella: No we are just sweet girls and we have a secret handshake.

She then eyes Beau--who is not paying attention-- and shows me some of the motions in the secret handshake and the chant. (hugs, kisses, "love" "love")

Carmella: And we believe in being kind to everyone, eating our fruits and vegetables and loving each other.

Me: Wow. That sounds like a very nice club. Who thought this up?

Carmella: Me.

Later in the day I tell Ryan about the Cuddle Club. So when Carmella brings him a toy to change the battery in he tells her he will only change it if she lets him in the Cuddle Club.

Carmella leaves the room for a minute--I guess to consider it-- and then comes back.

"Okay Daddy. You can be in the club. But you should know that our leader is Mr. Apple and you are going to have to give up junk food."

Ryan: Oh, well, then I'm out.

Yesterday I received an email from Carmella's teacher saying the principal was going to honor my sugar and spice and everything sweet girl with the Award for Outstanding Character. When I asked Carmella if she knew she was getting an award she said no. Then she asked if everyone else was getting one too. I told her I didn't think so. Of course this worried her and she said "Oh, I really hope everyone gets one."

And see, I am not sure if Carmella was worried about having to be the only one getting an award and the attention that would come with that; Or because everyone else's feelings would be hurt because they didn't get an award too.

At any rate I can assure you that I never got an award for Outstanding Character or anything close to that but if I did I probably wouldn't have been concerned about other people.
Which, then again, might be why I have never gotten an Outstanding Character Award. But you know, I feel like somehow, surely, I must have something to do with my daughter getting one. And at the very least that makes me believe that maybe there is still hope of me getting an invite to the Cuddle Club.

Then again, I am sure I would get bored of all that kindness, eat some sugar and create some pot stirring shennigans.


  1. I hope for my sake that badness skips generations too!

  2. All of the good girls just want to be in on the pot-stirring shenanigans. Really.

    Congrats on the good character award. I never got any of those kinds of awards either.

  3. That is the sweetest story. What a kind daughter you have.

  4. I think cookie dough should be allowed in the cuddle club! Congrats to Carmella on her big award!

  5. Your daughter is so sweet.

    I only got in trouble (scolded) once in elementary school I still remember because I went home and cried... even though the teacher felt bad about it.
    We were supposed to sit down after coming in from recess. I knew a classmate was sad, so made her a card, and brought it to her instead of sitting down. But I wasn't seated when I should be.
    By high school I had elevated to getting in trouble... for forgetting to turn in things or missing school.
    Yeah, born to be bad. ;)

  6. A big congratulations to Carmella and her Mommy!

    I seemed to always get in trouble in school. I chased girls and pulled their pigtails in a private school and my parents were asked to have me removed. A bunch of us threw typewriter key caps...that's before computers...and got suspended for two days. Never anything bad...But that's what guys do...isn't it?

    You have quite a gift there!

  7. Oh crap. I was a bad girl. I totally forgot I got kicked out of Montessori school. That was in kindergarten though. And, you know, I told that boy he could not come in the girls fort. It is his fault for not listening. If he had listened I wouldn't have shoved him off the playset. I am sure he is fine just probably is a little afraid of women.

  8. Wow. I'm pretty sure that Ryan had intercourse with Leigh H. from high school (outstanding, sweet, loving Cuddle Club type) and then y'all all kept it hush hush and adopted her. Because that ain't your child. :-)

    Seriously, that is awesome. She is a great kid!

    Haha. Just read the rest of the comments. On the fort side of things, one time me and Karen N., who lived next door to me, were playing Boys against Girls War, and we caught a prisoner and seriously? We tied him up and gagged him in her basement, and then left him there and forgot and went home for dinner. After dark, his mom, whom we referred to as 007, was calling around, because he hadn't come home. We had to sneak out to let him go and then threaten him with cooties if he ever busted us for us. Still makes me laugh.

  9. Anne, great story! And I had you pegged long time ago for pot stirrer. Thinking it is the red hair. I've never met a red head that wasn't in the pot stirring club.

  10. Tara, I bought so much junk food for the sleep over and I totally forgot to buy cookie dough!

    Do you think you and mel could stop by tomorrow with that and some shrinky dinks?
    I know the cuddle club would love to do some shrinky dinks with you two.

  11. Just wait till the cuddle club decides to call a cab over at 2:00 am and go roll lawns. This may be Pookiepants all over again. She was all cuddle club on the outside and total Pot Stirring Shenanigan on the inside. Don't go patting yourself on the back just yet! (it ain't over till she's all growed) Lala