Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 2 and I still have running partner

I have to admit.
I was worried.
I know I can be a bit intense. A little too enthusiastic at times but Sam was there waiting just like yesterday at 5 am on the dot as I came running down the hill.
So yay!
I didn't scare her off.
At least not yet.
And this was even after I mentioned yesterday at swim practice about getting up even earlier and running 10 miles. She laughed and said yeah, maybe. I didn't press it about marathon training. Ease her into it. Plant the seed. Let it germinate. . .

We did the same run today, a few minutes faster. It was much cooler this morning and a little rainy. Very nice. I tacked on 2 miles after she left me and I was only a little scared of kidnappers, coyotes and raccoons. So 8 miles for me around an 8:50 average pace.

We aren't running again together until next week. Hopefully time apart really does make the heart grow fonder and doesn't let her brain come to its senses.


  1. Way to go Ms Natalie!

    She is probably as happy as you are for a running partner! Most would be.

  2. This is funny schiz...

  3. Sounds like you may have a keeper. Give her a few weeks and youll easily have her up for a marathon

  4. Does she have all normal mental acumen? :-)

  5. I second what Wes said. It is obvious that those of us who have sustained friendships (friendschizs?) with you for decades are most assuredly far, far off our rockers. . . .

  6. I met the new running partner last night! She seemed fairly sane. I think 4 kids says it all. That girl neeeeeds to run. Lala

  7. i love the "plant the seed. let it germinate." part. you are so funny.