Monday, June 02, 2008

Roll Out of Bed and Go Runner

That is the exact type of runner I've always said I am not.

I am, however, a morning person in the sense that I almost always, without fail, wake up chipper and chatty. You can get me up at anytime of the morning no matter how little sleep and I will be nice. Deal breaker is a screaming child waking me up demanding something like warm milk NOW! Or wanting to know EXACTLY what we are going today at 5 am. But Carmella and I worked things out pretty quickly when she was 2 and now, no matter what, the first thing she will say to me is "Good morning Mommy!" in a very happy voice. 5 am is much better with the sweet pleasantness than screeching harpy demands. And let's just say I am lucky that Beau always sleeps in. He is most definitely NOT a morning person.

Despite my cheery and chirpy morning nature I do not bound out of bed with tons of energy. And here I will tell you that Carmella does. It boggles me how her feet can literally hit the floor running in the morning. There is no padding sloth like movements with Carmella. But with me there is.

I must ease into it.

Or so I thought.

I have been quite surprised that within 10 minutes of waking and barely having a half (full, of course!) glass of water I am out and running. I didn't think such a thing would ever be possible. Admittedly, I still have my doubts. And today I worried about it.

I meet Sam in about an hour. I will have been up for an hour and 15 minutes by that time. I am worried I have f'd it all up. What with having given my body over an hour to adjust being awake at this ungodly hour and even actually eaten something. I am worried the run will be pot.

Oh, why am I up?

You ever get seized with remembering something in the middle of the night and you bolt out of sleep, adrenaline fueled and ready to rush out and rectify whatever it is that you have forgotten but have suddenly recollected? And yet, there is absolutely nothing you can do it about because it is too gosh darn freaking early in the morning?

No? Yeah, well, you are lucky all you organized, never forget stuff, sleep like a rock people. Bastards!

What? Oh, well I remembered that I have forgotten to pick up Carmella's fired clay pieces from her art class. I think they were ready last week. I should have picked them up.

No, no, I am sure they are still there. So yes, it is dumb. And I am up and might have possibly sabotaged my run. Worse, I am suppose to be being quiet--something I most definitely terrible at--because my getting up and running annoys Ryan. I wake him up. So the less time I am awake pre running less chance of me waking him up. I have already turned on lights, opened cabinets, gone out to my car, gotten water etc. I am sure he is up there in our bed going what the f? Not to mention the alarm still hasn't gone off. . . Have I mentioned that I actually almost always wake up before the alarm. The alarm is just back up.

Yeah, I know. Rambling. It is 4:15 A.M in the freaking morning. Only moths, coyotes, raccoons and opossums are up. Not even the paper person has come yet. So nonsensical rambling, ranting is what there is. I am trying to be QUIET! Sheesh.

Last week's workouts:
Sunday: 62.4 mile hilly as all get up and down bike ride. Good, tough stuff.

Monday: 5 mile run at the Grn Way with sprints and recovery pace will kids rode bikes. 2000 yds swimming during adult swims at pool.

Tuesday: 2000 yds swimming. First day of getting up early. Later, 9 miles running (2 on trail).

Wednesday: 6 miles running with Sam.

Thursday: 8 miles running.

Friday: 4 mile run on treadmill: Breakdown: 8:50, 7:06, 6:53, 7:18 or something like that in 30:18. Too lazy to go and check log. Later met up with Beth for super hot and slightly less hilly but still pretty darn hilly ride around Roswell. I mean RosHELL ;) 37 miles.

Saturday: Legs were toast. Tried to run. Nada. 2 plus miles of walking and being completely irritated but consoling self that it was fine to take a rest day and that tomorrow would be a better day. Tried to rally with bike ride. Tire was flat. Hole in tire. Workout Gods clearly conspiring against me. Decided to drink beer at the pool and be fat instead. Much better. Less effort.

Run: 32 miles
Cycle: 99.4 miles
Swim: 4000 yds
Walking: 2 miles

Sunday: Workout Gods still conspiring. Ipod dead. Potential thunderstorms. Whatever. Ran pissed off for 10 miles because I had no tunes. Felt like I was so slow but it wasn't so bad at an 8:20 ish pace. Must have been the threatening black clouds that loomed overhead and the thunder booms that made me pick it up a little. Have I mentioned that it is hot and sticky and yucky here already? But now that is June I might actually turn the AC on. It will be great to sleep without sweating.

For those that care I have pictures and video from Carmella's swim meets and dance recital. I will try to get them up. No promises. Still trying to figure out how to get everything done with kids not in school: Mommy, what are we doing, we're bored, can we go to the pool, go to jumpy place, can we go to some one's house, can we have a party today etc. . . How the hell do those women that home school get anything done? I don't have the filter that will allow me to ignore them and get stuff done. Mmmm, maybe I should go back to making them take naps?


  1. I was up at 4:40 - you should have called! We could have chatted while I took Annika to the potty and took the dog for her "constitutional". See, with me it really is all about the potty.

    Hope you had a nice run this morning. Maybe meet up at the pool or greenway this week or bake cookies with kids?? Dagny has a bottom issue (again with the poop!) but it should be better by Wed.

  2. Ha! You are all about the poop!

    Up for pool or grn way not so much baking cookies but maybe eating said cookies. . . We must try to coordinate a bike day.
    Run was really steamy but decent. Running in dark is good because I can't see the hills and added plus that I am scared shitless the whole time (see how I am not about the poop;))

    Carmella and Beau have swim instruction this morning at 8. I am going to see if I can lap swim while they have it. Otherwise I'll do some sprints or something. Hope I can swim though.

  3. Morning Ladies!

    I'm up by 4:00 every morning but am not a morning person...until I've had my caffine. I've never got up early to run except for a race.

    Have a great week!

  4. I find myself up more and more at that ungodly hour.And to think its only the beginning of June and its already hot and sticky here.

  5. Well, as it is only June, it can only get hotter. I have found that my brain won't let me run more than 5 miles if it is over 85 degrees. Hence, I am now running at sunrise. God help me, I miss my bed...

  6. Not that I'm one to talk, but...

    Roll out of bed and write a new entry already...


  7. you all think you're working out in hot? Try Bikram yoga!! 105-110 F 90 minutes. I'm giving up running for this. Lala

  8. Where are the pictures?